Re-Build-Conference /
Collaboration Panel







  • Dakotah Apostolou - from Cohere - in Guatemala
  • Kristina Kuttan
    • cofounder of floasis - platform to workate in rural areas
  • Jeremy Agnew
    • Social entrepreneur -
    • Group called re:source
    • Northern Spain - Portugal

Floasis website: https://www.flOasis.io
Cohere website: https://www.Cohere.network
Re:Source Website: https://www.re-source.life
Re:Source on Hylo: https://www.hylo.com/groups/resource/join/V2p9jMRbgu

What is the meaning of collaboration

Room 6 - Viktor Perminov: How do we all know what each other are doing? And where to apply ourselves most efficiently, especially at scale. Vivek George: Organisation. Practical. Convenient. Heard. Lack of ego/humility. Find commonalities and middle ground. Thru the lens of cooperatives. No benevolent king! Joshua Alvord: many voices one song. Governance models like sociacracy/holocracy. Who are the orchestrators. Double linking systems.

Team 2: Collaboration implies trust, openess and getting out of comfort zone.

Nika: Team work implies greater responsibility between individual and team efforts and how to delegate tasks to achieve results

Aline: Building a eco-village project where so many backers are in so many different places in the world creates a lot of entropy to build locally

Diogo: Working with local community groups and involving them into a common project implies a great effort to achieve the level of commitment of all to support the project

Dakotah: One way to build coherence is to start with a collective vision; there is so much market share that we can do it all together. Each of us is more valuated.

Von Stephen Bau an alle:

For the Design Science Studio, the project was to re-envision the Bauhaus for the current context, a creative collaborative, a Builders Collective: we are exploring how we imagine, design, and build the future together.
For the Living Systems Collaboratory, the project was to consider the interface for navigating metaphysical gravity. According to Buckminster Fuller, love is metaphysical gravity. In other words, we are the interface, the community is the project, learning how to love. https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_lbBUF9I=/

David Blackhurst Tiny Houses The more we all succeed the more mainstream what we are all striving to create becomes, which means an increase in demand and we can all benefit from the opportunities for growth

Von Diogo Coutinho (CLARA lab):
Collaboration - collective inteligence - efficiency - abundance

Von Jeremy Agnew an alle: 08:46 PM Room 6. Collective birthing. Say what?!

Joshua Alvord: Intention setting brings a different energy

David Blackhurst: making change, something isn’t working. This who have and those who have not. Home ownership, Cohesive community. Championing rent to own using private equity finance.

Viktor Perminov: It’s not about me. Remove myself. Crowdsource. Collective birthing.

Vivek George: more organic, team effort, like team sports with a shared co vision. It’s not static. Process of letting go before you learn a new skill.

Ale: Broaden it out but have the support from other projects. See how things evolve.

Von Viktor (fb.com/perminov.viktor) an alle: 08:47 PM I thought about additional metaphor of communal kitchen where anyone might come and share what he has abundance of, other would take what they need

Von Leon Wang Unceded Tongva Lands an alle: I love BlackSpace?'s framing of prioritizing Critical Connections over Critical Mass:
https://www.blackspace.org/manifesto Everyone has a lane and we need them all!

amazing interpreation from Paulo Carvalho: imagining our the group of collabrators as a music band and just jamming and contributing to the music without disrupting each others rhytm

Von Joshua Alvord an alle: 08:49 PM We are creating a small ecovillage and wellness sanctuary in collaboration with the Cohere Network on 15 acres of land in Baja Sur California. We are welcoming collaboration and synergy! If you are interested please join our Telegram group and/or fill in this form on our landing page. Thank you!

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/d-VZ53aG5eowN2Qx

Landing page: http://local-earth.org/baja/

Von Diogo Coutinho (CLARA lab) an alle: 08:49 PM Collaboration needs to be anchored in the right set of values because it’s always possible to collaborate for doing bad things

Von Stephen Bau an alle: 08:50 PM A collaborative process starting with the essence of life: time, energy, matter as a self-organizing learning environment. “Design is everything a human touches.” — Roman Mars. We are all designers. https://timeenergyresources.com/

Von Viktor (fb.com/perminov.viktor) an alle: 08:50 PM check this CoCreative? society project too https://www.hylo.com/groups/cocreative-society/join/TM1dPweTOG

Von Sam -Rebuild Gathering an alle: 08:50 PM https://discord.gg/TpjQNHBS

Von Jeremy Agnew an alle: 08:51 PM Updated code for Discord: https://discord.gg/8TSWZZbY

Von Bill Wendel an alle: 08:51 PM What would I’d like to coparent? Would like to recruit for Utopia, recognizing that Utopia Seekers have existing in places like New England for centuries, see blog post: CASA Share: Dreaming of the Saints Next Door! — https://bit.ly/CASAShare_SaintsNextDoor

Von Aline AMAR an alle: 08:52 PM https://bio.site/yzePWB Please check out our AMAR eco village project in Brazil and lets connect!