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Pattern Group, see Matrix

Actually three Pattern Groups combined in one: The technical means allowing for transport, dissemination and effective/affective presentation of visual content preserving timelyness and quality

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Thoughts by Matz:


Video bridging requires several resources on various levels. The development of broadband technology provides excellent opportunities for transport and storing. Public servers, web hotels, enterprise servers and other online video sites offer the community a wide range of hard disk space for free or at least at low cost.

Setting up high storage capacity servers can be done using open source operating systems and software which quite dramatically reduces investment costs.

Transport in terms of physically delivering video depends on which technology is used. Today’s up-to-date video cameras use internal hard disk drives with extra memory modules which provide excellent storage capacity. Uploading to servers should be easily done.

Older tape based camcorders require other methods which are a bit more time consuming. However, transferring and converting video is carried out with the help of easy-to-use software, commercial as well as free open source.

But what if circumstances do not offer broad band delivery?

Well, obviously snail mail has worked for decades which covers rural areas with low-end technology capacities. USB-sticks, CD and DVD disks are useful as alternative transport methods.

Last but certainly not least video broadcasts through cell phones attract especially young people. As technology improves more age groups will join.


In many countries today the Internet is open to a majority of citizens. Allowing a great number of viewers to access video is done in no time. It is merely a question of making people aware of the whereabouts of the material.

This is perhaps the most important challenge to face. The popularity of You Tube is unquestionable. With wise dissemination strategies news is spread within 24 hours around the globe.

Advanced cell phones are today extremely popular. Sending short but efficient text messages can be automatized.

Naturally mailing lists reach thousands of subscribers at regular intervals.

Effective/affective presentation

So how do we present our material to the not-so-seldom discriminating public? Experience has shown that sometimes low quality video is acceptable. It is the content that matters. And of course vice versa.

Nevertheless, probably it is not an exaggeration claiming that high quality video is preferred. The drawback bounces back to broad band capacity.

Next factor is then the directing and editing. Being a skilful director is something we have to learn and this is not done over night. However, apart from professional courses there are online resources which address novices and those more experienced.

With assistance of easy-to-use software editing is hopefully not an issue to the intermediate computer user. And as mentioned earlier the community is always there to assist.

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