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A virtual village for real villages!

This is the English language FrontPage of DorfWiki / VillageWiki, a multilingual virtual gathering place hosted in Austria for an online community that cares about the future of villages. This is a sister site of the globalvillages wiki

all these sites are maintained by /GIVE

GlobalVillages are an important basic idea to what is happening here.

See a purpose statement here: VillageWiki.

The overall German Homepage for DorfWiki is here: StartSeite

Why a Wiki? To do it immediately means saving time!

We think a wiki is a wonderful tool to develop valuable and useful content together , at the same time combining this with individual investigations and developments of more experimental and particular character.

A wiki is like a notebook where we write things at the right places collectively - using spare minutes that we can afford to build a big useful thing together.

We need to build up a Help System and some explanation of the WikiWay.

We also have a Test Page to play around without danger to mess up with existing content: SandBox

Here is a page with /Templates if you need to perform complex edits.

Although DorfWiki was started in German, ProWiki, the software it is working with has the unique feature to create page trees (or branches) in different languages. Our community therefore can reach out into several languages. This is the English section and this page is this sections Home Page, listing all thats available in English in this wiki.

If you want to go to the Comprehensive Homepage in German click on this link: StartSeite

Table of contents of this page
International Projects   
Grundtvig Learning Partnerships   
People and Themes   

International Projects    

Grundtvig Learning Partnerships    

We have lots of pages of the ERDE project. (though ERDE is now based somewhere else: http://www.globalvillages.info/index.php/ERDE/ERDE). or http://www.erde.lt and a subsequent learning partnership MIR (Adult education and local development), developed in Sintra, Portugal:

There is now preparation of a Grundvig Workshop in progress, see VideoBridge/GrundtvigWorkshop


A project still in the Garage is IPRA (still german, aims at Information Broker Training for Rural Areas)

In May 2008, Franz Nahrada became member of the Telecenter Innovation Council of the Global Telecenter Association and chairman of the communication group. Some communications with friends are kept in the TelecenterDiary, meant to prepare a much larger activity on sharing information between telecenters worldwide.

HansGertGraebe started the NetProject to think about the "four pillars of the information society".


People and Themes    

We publish a very important paper of JohnEarls on early Andean civilisations here. It is explaining the importance of information flows in the maintainance of global sustainability on the base of a fascinating historical example.

WaclawIdziak from Poland is a dear friend with great projects.

We welcome our contributor PhilTurner, Vice President of ECOVAST. ECOVAST and GIVE want to open the discussion on SmallTowns especially in the context of ASSET

We welcome SteveBosserman doing research on Business and Communities

There is an English Page for the VideoBridge/KirchbachVilnius project