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SashaMrkailo is collecting stories about how video communications technology is used effectively in education and elsewhere.

Each story is on a separate page. The exercise at the GrundtvigWorkshop will be to reflect on those stories and see if we can extract patterns.

The idea of this comes from FranzNahrada but was simply an application of the MyFoodStory idea that MinciuSodas started several years ago.

VideoBridge/MakersDiscussionLawfield Elementary School in Hamilton, OntarioUniversity students talk with school children about the maker culture
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/AboutGivingAndrea IsraeliVideoconference between a school class and a 11 year old boy Stefan Lyons who is gathering money for building a school in Africa.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/Addiction"Bright Eye" counselingAddiction counseling services
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/AskInterviewsBerrien RESAprovides students with the opportunity to interview an author or a subject specialist in the topic they are reading about in a novel. The program uses excellent children's literature, journal writing and interviewing to promote reading for understanding.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/AskVideoBridgeAndrea IsraeliASK interview (ASK stands for: Authors Specialist and Knowledge), Few schools in different locations together interview book author Virginia Frances Schwartz.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/AuthorTalksMona Kerby"It all started when author Mona Kerby visited Grandview Library in 2008 to talk to our 2nd graders about her book Owney, The Mail Pouch Pooch. In 2009, Ms. Kerby visited our new class of 2nd graders via Skype. The children and their teachers cheered when Ms. Kerby "appeared" on our Smart Board. Ms. Kerby talked about Owney and the process she went through to research, write, and publish the book. Several of the children asked Ms. Kerby questions and the whole group enjoyed waving at and thanking Ms. Kerby for "visiting"."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/BlindAdventurerEd GallagherRetinal disease blinded Ed Gallagher, 57, of San Francisco, eight years ago.But now, with a boost from Skype, Gallagher is “seeing” again—and a lot more than that.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/BookGroupJoyceMaynard?Author offers skype book discussion if you and your friends purchase at least ten of her books.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/BookOpportunitiesMichael Lieberman"*Libraries should be looking into developing Skype-enabled reading rooms.*Prisons should set up Skype rooms so inmates can read to their children. "
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/CarbonEmissionsJanine LimVideo Conference between two schools on impact of local governance on carbon emissions.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/ChickenDanceLisa ParisiWhile talking about literature two classes had decided to demonstrate their chicken dance performance to each other.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/ConnectingFamilliesGautam GhoshPerson reads a book to his children which are 9000 miles away
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/ConnectingSchoolsAnne MirtschinTwo schools one from Korea another from Australia are using video conference to learn about their different cultures.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/CraftVideoFaythe LevineAuthor and director connects with his audience.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/CultureQuestCenter for School Development,City University NY" The CultureQuest Project, for example, encourages the study of different cultures. The project guide offers suggestions about how to interact with students in other countries using tools like Skype to organize international videoconferences with other classes and with experts in the field."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/DiscussingEuroInés CarradiceOn April 20th1998 I organised a videoconference session
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/EatingDisorderDr Charles FishmanEating disorder therapist helps people with eating problems by using skype video calls.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/ElementaryTeacherBrian CrosbyBrian Crosby, an elementary teacher for 26 years, teaches sixth grade in Sparks, Nevada, and has infused technology into teaching since the 1980’s. While piloting a 1:1 laptop program, students in his class utilize many Web 2.0 tools including Skype, Fiickr, blogs and wikis.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/GreenFlagJanine LimVideo conference discussion: "The Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys is one of the only schools in their area to receive a “green flag” status for schools in their area. We learned a lot about what they are doing for the environment in their school and community."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/HarpLessonsMark Andersen,USASeattle harpist/organist Mark Andersen teaches his students harp by using skype videoconferencing
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/HarpPlayerChristine Grace Magnussen, USAHarp Player teches his instrument through video skype conference
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/HiphopGrowingAndrea Israeli"Today we had a videoconference with Kahlil Almustafa, poet and author of "Growing Up Hip Hop". I have worked with Kahlil for the past 5 years in our Poetry Slam program. He is not only a gifted poet and performer but he is an amazing teacher."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/HunterdonlSchoolFlorence McGinn?,USA, teacherFlorence McGinn? teaches English at Hunterdon Central High School in Flemington, New Jersey. In McGinn?'s classroom, videoconferencing is done with Intel ProShare? software and hardware, a more sophisticated system than CU-SeeMe?. Her honors writing and literature students work with mentors from Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, via videoconference to revise and rewrite their work.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/ImmigrationStoriesCheryl Tice"Ask your questions. Hear the stories. Join this compelling discussion of the most recent chapter of America’s story of immigration."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/IntercontinentalExorcismPhil WolffJewish priest performs ritual on a person located on another continent
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/KukuxumusuDesignBySkypeScott DavisonSpanish designer firm is using skype video for business collaboration
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/LanguageArtsAnne Smithteacher involves a popular science fiction writer after students have requested to include his book into their learning.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/LanguageExchangeJeremy Robinson"Robinson says bringing classrooms together to study each others' language restores culture education, improving the quality of instruction."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/LanguageLearningAllison BorthwickThe aim of our course is to enable practising
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/LawSchoolGunther TeubnerFour years ago, University of Frankfurt law professor Gunther Teubner (right) spent a year as a visiting scholar at Osgoode. In the early part of this year, he returned to the Law School, this time as a virtual visitor.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/LearnCartooningMike Artellillustrator and author teaches kids how to draw cartoons
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/LearnGuitarePhil WolffMusician teaches guitar with skype videoconferencing.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/LearningArabicSue Angell"On a Sunday morning in November, six students studying Arabicare crowded around a television set in the Paul and Edith Cooper International Learning Center (ILC), waiting for a video conference with students in Saudi Arabia to begin."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/LearningIsMessyUnknown fourth grade school teacher.My fourth graders have produced a 5 minute video that tells the story of how we “Skype” a classmate that has leukemia into our classroom. To see the video click the image below.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/LearningReligionDr. Yossi Chajes"iLearnTorah is an online bat/ bar mitzvah tutoring service that makes use of video-enabled Skype to conduct sessions. Students work with experienced teachers to learn Torah and Haftorah and to create personal learning projects. The program is run under the advisement of Josh Lauffer, a Jewish educator and musician, and Dr. Yossi Chajes, faculty in the Department of Jewish History at the University of Haifa."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/LiveGuestFlorida Southern CollegLive guest lectures on the history of olympic movement
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/MarshallSchoolTeachers at Marshall Elementary SchoolTeachers at Marshall Elementary School in Lewisburg, Tennessee, have used videoconferencing technology to bring into the classroom live animals and educators from the Tennessee Aquarium. Aquarium educators -- experts in the animals' characteristics, behaviors, habitats, and diets -- fielded questions from students at Marshall and from partner schools in North Carolina and Maryland.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/MisteryQuestJeff Gaynor, USA"Besides being on the forefront of technology, having this live experience really did sharpen my students' motivation and performance through the whole process. I put the responsibility on them - my job was to keep the project manageable and the kids relaxed - but they really did much of the work - with more effort and resolve than they usually put forth. "
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/NasaVideoconferenceAndrea IsraeliSchool had a videoconference with peple from NASA, topic was :" about "Planet Hopping Through Mathematics" one of the many NASA programs offered free to our schools through the NASA Digital Learning Network."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/PainManagementFrank Titus"Titus Motion Therapy founder Frank Titus is able to get people out of pain in remote locations using the webcam application Skype. Titus Motion Therapy is a hands free pain elimination therapy that works specifically to correct postural alignment and movement patterns, because of this the access that Skype and webcam services provide are ideally suited to the therapy."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/PanelDiscussionShel HoltzVideo skype used for panel discussion
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/PianoTeacherKathy Parsons, USA, piano teacherKathy Parsons uses video conferencing to teach students piano lessons
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/PlayingGames Group playing Dungeon and Dragons using skype video
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/PoetrySlamAndrea IsraeliYoung poets performing their poetry infront of their peers by using video conference.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/RemoteSensingCharles DuncanThe National Learning Network for Remote Sensing uses videoconference lectures and
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/ResearchMethodsAlison GallowayPros and cons of videoconferencing, using older technology
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/RuralAuthorDawn KairnsAuthor living in a rural area uses skype video to connect to a reader group far away and discuss with them about her book.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SignLanguageSunlake High school, USAStudents learn sign language and use it to communicate with students who are deaf or hearing impaired.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SkypeArtistBarbara Muir"Toronto portrait artist Barbara Muir is accustomed to having her subjects come to her home studio.But recently, she has been using Skype Video to speak with and sketch her friends and family in their homes. She said she finds this intimate since she's talking to people where their computers are: home offices, kitchens, bedrooms."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SkypeBrunch"BradA brunch was planned for my mother’s house on Sunday, but being 2,500 miles distant, I decided to try to attend by videoconference.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SkypeFairytalesHoward WolinskyProf. Sugata Mitra is currently working with retirees, primarily teachers, who read fairytales over Skype to poor children in a school in Hyderabad in Southern India.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SkypeHypnosisMichael GradyExperimenting with hypnosis through skype
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SkypeSketcherEd MarionEd Marion, an attorney and artist, has picked up on the idea of using Skype to paint pioneered by Toronto's Barbara Muir, the portrait artist turned Skype sketcher.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SkypeStorytellingPhil Wolff"Two Waltham, Massachusetts, public schools connected classes for story time in April 2009 over Skype. Jeff Gilbride tells how a Kennedy Middle School class (older 6th grade students) wrote, then read, fairy tales inspired by a third-grade class (younger students) across town at Northeast Elementary School."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SkypeVisitsRob Walker"Back in November I made an offer to college and university classes to “visit” by way of Skype or similar means."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SkypeWeddingMatt HowardCouple falls in love and gets married through skype video
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SkypeinClassromMary Barr, Teacher USAMarry Barr uses skype to enhance learning in her clasroom
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/SkypingMarkTwainGary AndersonTeacher engages a Mark Twain expert to discuss Twains works with his class
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/TeacherTravelingSilvia TolisanoTeacher traveling around the world and cnnecting her class with classes in schools worldwide
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/TeachersTalkingLisa ParisiTwo groups of students collaborate together by using skype video and google docs, they write a original story themed on a fiction book.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/TeachingBanjoDennis Bailey"I teach Banjo, Guitar and Mandolin lessons in the Dallas, Texas, area and also online via Skype."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/TeachingGenealogyBeau Sharbrough, USA, genealogysitBeau Sharbrough genealogy guru teaches small groups interested in genealogy how to develop their skills
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/TeachingPostureFrank Titus, Therapist,USAFrank Titus teaches his patients proper posture and movement through skype video calls
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/ThreepartiteVideoconferenceAnne MirtschiThree schools from Australia, USA and Philippines partitioning in a conference call
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/UkHarpistSarah Deere-Jones,UK"This is encouraging for those studying alone, it boosts enthusiasm and it’s always fun to meet other learners and on-line harpists. It’s also a useful time to discuss in person with Sarah any problems on technique or theory."
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/UnemploymentSupportunemployed IT workersGroup of unemployed IT workers in USA seeks a group of similar people in India for communication and mutual support. Proposed medium of communication is video conference.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/UnusualEducationCorry DoctorowChildren engage famous author of Science Fiction to explain his work, because they want his work to be included into their schoolwork
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/VeteranInterviewsBerrien RESA, USA7th through 12th grade students are interviewing WW2 veterans about their memories
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/VideoDiscussionHarry Hurst Eighth Graders talk with Jefferson Parish Third Graders about their environmental activitiesHarry Hurst Eighth Graders Participate in Wetlands skype Conference with Jefferson Parish Third Graders
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/VideoElderlyJon HarrisIdea for using videos for conversation between senior citizens
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/VideoInterviewAndrea Israelistudents participating in video interview with a doctor who is a receiver of a highest civil medal in USA
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/VideoTherapyStephan Tobin PhdPsychologist uses video conferencing for helping patients
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/VideoVolunteersVideo Volunteers NGONGO connects two group of community video producers, one in Brazil other in India using video conference and translators. groups discussed about their similar problems and solutins for an hour. Site was attacked by a spammer.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/VirtualHugUpstream CollectiveChurch uses video skype to organize religious gathering
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/VirtualLecturerSr Rose PacatteTeaching Media Literacy Education via Skype
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/VirtualShow"Hairynomas"Two classes from different schools, (one in UK other in USA) learn about each others schools through their interests. "The rooms were filled with stuffed animals, sports cards, books, monster trucks and a tremendous amount of excitement.".
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/VirtualSupperAnne MirtschinVirtual Supper with participants from Australia and USA
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/WeakestLinkJanine Lim. Five students were interviewed about how they got to school. After their carbon footprints were revealed, the student with the highest carbon footprint was pronounced “the weakest link. Goodbye!” Their students also interviewed our students as part of a school energy use survey.
VideoBridge/MyVideoStory/WormFarmsJanine LimTwo school classes from different locations share their experiences and knwoledge gained with their worm farms.