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Participants Feedback







During several evaluation sessions participants gave feedbacks on goal, content, methods and media.
Beside a lot of positive Feedback there was the general criticism that the workshop was too full in content, too little time to digest the presented information, while the time was maybe even too long to spend in one piece.

We will definitely consider the criticism and seek to improve, even if for every criticism there was the opposing appraisal or opposite criticism.

Content and Framework

+ appraisal and approval:

  • hard work done to conceptualize the whole thing
  • very good preparation of the workshop (4)
  • Excellent input about "State of Art" technology - pointing to the "imposible future"
  • Big variety of speakers, places, technologies
  • Innovative, practical workshop topics
  • "great commitment of organizers and participants" (1)
  • Franz: Vision, spirit and person (3)
  • Franz' and Taras energy (7)
  • Franz' understanding and attention was very helpful
  • Franz was extremely helpful and his vision held the whole thing (2)
  • Good hosts: Franz and Tara have one a great job organizing this event,
  • A great vision for connecting communities worldwide
  • Such a great assembly of great people
  • international atmosphere
  • Experience of European union
  • to have met the people from other communties and learnt from them about themeselves
  • lot of new knowledge for me
  • meeting nice wise peope helped to appraise humans (3)
  • More different people make me think more
  • opportunity for networking
  • "Pattern Language begins to grow out of my mind"
  • nice to have felt a part of a worthwhile project and to feel I have contributed
  • It was good to select participants speaking English as mother tounge or second language coming from eleven countries, with different backgrounds and interests
  • The Grundtvig Workshops program setup has enabled everybody to be teachers and learners alike at the same time with important results, becoming one community.
  • Videobridging has given me a new aspect on learning.
  • Individuals: I dont hink I have ever met so many different characters with so different qualities.

  • Good specialists, real professionals, Enthusiasts, inspiring other people"
  • Being asisted by specialists of related topics added a lof of value to the workshop
  • perspective to the future: interactive TV
  • Participants were self directed
  • good teamwork of participants
  • It was good to bring it all together
  • We learned new aspects of perception
  • the wonders of Apple were a good contribution
  • Good feeling of: "yes, it will be sustained in the end"
  • social gatherings
  • "Surprise Guest" Wael Al Saad from Palestine was a good energy
  • Minciu Sodas network people coming together aded to family feeling
  • Jetty narrative was inspiring
- critique and suggestions:

  • maybe the workshop had overly ambitious goals
  • separation of videobridge and global villages community weakened the framework
  • too much emphasis on videobridges instead of peoples aspirations (2)
  • VideoBridge Ghetto?
  • but also
  • "Too little emphasis on videobridging. Peoples connection develops Willy-Nilly" (unplanned)
  • Parallel processes can help
  • Less is sometimes more!
  • Quantity tends to reduce Quality!
  • I had wished for more hands-on experience.
  • "The work on pattern language was drastically reduced, there was hardly any work on pattern language"
  • maybe we could have exploited more the professional knowledge of presenting people
  • but also: more time to find expectations, goals of group, more time to apply and consider all we have learned.
  • sometimes the amount of information given resulted in confusion, misunderstanding, complexity
  • sometimes the avoiding of unrelated and unnecessary talks could have saved some time.
Method and Structure

+ appraisal and approval:

  • Introduction o patterns before the workshop and asignments.
  • Learning the process through the process, (5)
  • wiki, event, organisation,
  • Learning circles and circle work, parts forming wholeness (2)
  • The mix of theory and experimentation provided has enabled the participants to become more concsious of how to analyze problems, and to find out solutions.
  • providing sessions with experts was helpful
  • Innovative practical topic structured our knowledge, application and sustainability
  • Social thoughtful games, like Taras
  • scheduled but yet flexible (3)
  • Good "works - breaks - socializing" ratio (2)
- critique and suggestions:

  • Workgroups is work in Groups - Listening to others is important
  • Missing: fantasy trips, role plays
  • More Work in Small groups
  • Build Practise up gradually
  • More explicit roles would have been helpful
  • No time for silence
  • Too little time for digestion and group reflection, too much input.
  • Duration: seven days will do.
  • We did not have enough hands-on
  • Learning by doing
  • Some areas were covered by theory without practise
  • There was a great deal of old-fashioned teaching involved with the expert presentations.
  • "overstructured, not enough space"
  • "cocreation means working in small groups, work on small achiements (not ambitious goals), empowering each others abilities
  • Ask: "what are YOU willing to do - ask and provide collaboration", "giving collaborative homeworks"
  • breaks. shorten working periods.
  • Big screen learning with 2-3 housr session in the salon was often not ideal.
  • we should have had even more specifically targeted discussions and meaningfully assigned group conversation.
  • Clear breaks needed
  • Clear reports after each session should have been assigned.
  • Music as background in some circumstances.
Media and Tools:

+ appraisal and approval:

  • The first videobridging experiment between communities in Graz, Vienna and other locations gave the demonstration that the establishing of communities, social networking etc, is economically affordable
  • different rooms for worshop parts, flexible schedule, working with WLAN, back channel, NING and DorfWiki to comnnect with the wider community
  • Chat back channel and Markus transkrips were very helpful
  • Very good we had video documentation of Seminar
  • Camera, Capture, Compression and Conversion - lots of perspectives
  • "Now I will do a lot of videobrdiging and wikies"
- critique and suggestions:

  • we could have been provided with more useful tools
  • Multi - screen in Videobridging wouuld be helpful in transmitting more information
  • Videobridging lessons should't be so goal oriented (bridge with Graz) or their goal should be bigger
  • More practical, technical training
  • We could have had more videobridging expansions (skype) and remote speakers (4) and networking.
Accomodation, venue and arrangements :

+ appraisal and approval:

  • "Not only workshop was well prepared, but also hospitality, room, food and service" (4)
  • The first impression was like coming home (2)
  • friendly staff
  • hotel services like coffee machine!
  • Super Hotel!
  • Good Hotel room, city information and map, philosophical background, Open Cafe sessions
  • Fun activities between work (2)
  • self service food and drink was good (2)
  • Different food - was great.
  • having breakfast together and socializing.
  • Monika Daria and other Mädchen in Breakfast room: special thanks!
  • NUU & Art showing by Andrius was pleasant surprise
  • Outdoors - enjyoing the open air
  • Immersing in Wien, Floridsdorf, mentally, lifestyle, gastronomically
  • Smoking room - "always full with suspicious persons" :-) - cre-avity!
  • Smooking room and other spaces
- critique and suggestions:

  • unreliable Internet at the beginning
  • Extension cords for rooms to utilize own equipment better
  • missed a workplace lamp (209). no urgent needs to change towels each day
  • I can use my towels longer, its friendly to environment
  • wasteful heating system - but opening windows gave fresh air
  • hotel should also be the change: even more of being ecological accomodation, food and waste management, remarks for saving flush water
  • a little pocket money would be OK
  • Weather kood be better
  • seats should have holding table for laptops and papers