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well well well - there is still a lot to do. This was the most productive day and it gave birth to a lot of patterns...

Morning Reflection on yesterdays Videobridging SampleEvent

report by FranzNahrada

  • The event itself was an outcome of circumstances that root long before the workshop, the fact that we wanted a practical activity to happen during the workshop which our participants could study and learn from. So first we thought we would simply provide services for people that would like do their own VideoBridge, preferably ATTAC. That did not work out: Brigitte Kratzwald from ATTAC Graz said that "no we want to learn ourselves first what VideoBridging is", "But we can actively participate by providing a second location in Graz from where we can do it. There we can asemble people in Spektral and discuss with you in Vienna. We can also provide some people who do the technical work on our side."
  • That was quite an additional burden, because we had to also care for the content ourselves. But it gave us the opportunity to be constrained to summarize the learnings of our workshop already in this early stage. Moreover, it turned out that we needed technical support ourselves. The really moving fact is that the old friendship with two companies or departments that supported our work from the beginning: ProCom Strasser supplied the equipment for Vienna and Graz, and Telecom Austria Interactive Video Services provided an audiovisual crew, cameras, light, Sound System, Mixer, Video Mixer and perhaps even more
  • So on the one side we were really blessed with support, on the other side it must have looked strange for an outsider (or even not only outsider) to see that many people and equipment. Our participants were there more in the role of observers, having the chance to ask some question or try to understand and analyze the complex technological setup, but we had to manage a lot of questions that were raised by the event.
Overall and technical issues

  • How can we create the same efficiency with fewer input?
    • can fewer persons fill more roles at the same time?
    • what is the minimum equipment needed?
    • how do we keep it simple?
  • The Sample Event was a proof of concept for the BackChannel pattern
    • Markus transkript helped a lot of people to follow
    • Technical backchanel was efficient
    • Socialising backchannelwas efficient
  • We would even feel that more backchannels, more beamers and more screens can expand the event
    • which also means more frontchannels
    • like picture sharing, document sharing, object sharing
    • sharing through skype
    • in the case we have computer literates and non-computer literates we need some internal support and specification of roles. (spaces? - see below)
  • Technical imperfection not always a problem
    • Echo could even give us a "sense of distance" (remember the story of the wine and the five senses?)
Cultural issues

  • how to bridge barriers:
    • discover similarities (the magic of the young Latvian lady)
    • singing together, dancing together (Christmans song)
    • sharing perspectives and meanings, discover differencies
    • playing games, for exampe the physical moving around the room that we chose for the opening of our workshop. ("Recognition Games")
  • digital gifts / little artefacts might be an interesting pattern for the bridge
    • (get some inspiration from Bricolab Patrick Humphresy LSE :
    • Spritivity - having something to share! Sprites that can be modified, exchanged, like characters.
  • How will we do language translations?
Spatial and organisational issues, including group dynamics

  • Ask the critical question: is a videobridge enabling emergence of personal relations?
    • personal relations help build and maintain the bridge!
    • make space for more interaction
    • provide breaks for readjustments
  • Intermediator Pattern should be more carefully evaluated
    • maybe a VideoBridge venue should have different zones that allow for different styles of communication and interaction.
  • Mobility of cameras and equipment is a big issue:
    • reaching out to the larger community
    • enable communal learning at many places

In the Afternoon: We are beginning to work on the Wikibook

-- but reduce the task currently to this Diary

Ernst Gruber is beginning to collect general feedback statements

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