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In the morning we have an extensive meeting with ThomasSchneider, filmmaker and multimedia designer, who is currently working with FrithjofBergmann to help him express the NewWork movements basic thoughts with compelling images. Thomas is here to help us to get our hands on tools and it becomes a very long and inspiring dialogue.

In the lunch break we experience a culinary joke about "Patterns". The lunch is a philosophical reflection on the question if "pattern" is in a way related to the Platonian concept of form so we have a considerable variety of strudels holding lots of different tastes.

The afternoon sees us Tools@work. This is a special Apple dealership that roots in the old "Apple community spirit" of the eighties of doing the impossible and making it elegant. The two features of this company that is run by Walter Kuntner and his wife Berenise are that they are adressing primarily filmmakers and musicians, so they are are surrounded by a plethora of the most creative people of Vienna. The second thing is that their concept of marketing revolves around a hypothetical village, Tuls an der Wörg:

So we have the pleasure and the privilege to gather in Walters famous store for three really great lectures. We learn once again in a No-Nonsense lecture from Christoph Tilly the hard core of "must knows" about making digital video (see: ToolDayNotesFranz). Thomas Koeck, technical engineer from Apple Computer Austria, tells us not only the essentials of podcasting, but also shows how Apple is helping to build a free world of educational content that is syndicated and aggregated. Could we hijack this world in a friendly way, allowing us to have educational materials from each and every university in the world in our villages? And finally we have Thomas Fürstner, whose presentation is absolutely fascinating and causing Knut Berndorfer to say this alone was worth the trip. Ernst Gruber is also quite inspired in his daily video:

(By the way, all those who have been with Apple in the early days know the meaning of "bleeding in seven colors". We are well over the rainbow right now and the Apple is white or grey, but still there is a touch of what used to move me back in the eighties. Franz)

In the evening we dine at Am Nordpol 3 and its a good transition into the weekend freedom. Finally out of jail!

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