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RichardNelson to FranzNahrada 20.6.2012: I have confirmation from a few groups that they would like to connect tomorrow for the workshop. Will you convene the conference? that is what I have anticipated - so, I hope you will be the one to manage the conference call. I put this into your hands. We are informal and we will be happy with whatever conference method you would chose to use.

Please give me some guidance to pass along or I can put you directly in touch with the individuals who are the team leaders in each location. We will have participation of people here in Athens, in Johannesburg (below), St. John's Newfoundland, Arcosanti Arizona, Mongolia, and I hope from Norway (I seem to have taken the connection with the team there too much for granted and now I am scrambling to see who will be available) and possibly one or two other locations will confirm participation).

Video Material here: http://solaroof.org/wiki/LifeSynthesis/VideoRecord

Participants by Skype handle

Each one of these places has active Interest in Solaroof and the DIY Agripod

  • Richard Nelson - Athens Ohio with Richard Hogan of Greenfire Farm building DIY Version
  • gien / geniepop - Johannesburg University collaboration
  • bruce micheal edgar / brucedownunder2 - Oslo Architect of Agripod
  • Lori Heath / loriheath - St. John, Newfoundland Building small scale DIY pod (3 by 6 meters)
  • jeff buderer - Arcosanti, Arizona (Arcosanti also wants to start with small prototype)
  • Knut Hovland / knutgbs - Trondheim, Norway Project Leader and Managing Director of Life Synthesis cooperating with Lindum
  • enkhtsog lkhagvasuren / mongolia_enkhtsog - Mongolia
and Franz Nahrada Vienna - with some potential Agripod builders present!
European Pilot Projects

  • Poland (univ.)
  • Tamera (univ.)
  • Schumacher College (univ.)
  • Holland (univ.)
Essential Questions

  • Are there whole System experiences? System in practical life environment?
no - the technology is new

  • Whats the temperature difference that can be maintained without heating in winter?
answer: test case was -35° C to + 5° C inside

  • How do you prevent the unwanted growth of algae or mildew ? Could you give details on the chemistry?
answer: the solution (which can cycle for a year) prevents the growth of microorganisms the 2% solution is weaker than an ordinary detergent that yoiu use in a dishwasher

  • What about corrosion?
(unclear answer)

  • What are the possible materials and their ecological footprint?
Wood, Metal, Steel -> best is aluminium, which is durable and recycleable

  • What is the optimum form?
The compromise between height which allows for vertical gardening & by increasing steepness of the roof minimizes snowload on one side and the windload on the other side -> leads to gothic arch forms of the tunnel cross-section

  • Whats the power consumption of the Bubble Generator?
the bubble Generator Consumes 2 KW and that means 2KWH per day considering that it works 5 minutes for one hour of consistent bubble structure.

  • Whats the buildinmg costs in comparison to a traditional greenhouse?
roughly the double costs

  • whats the through light factor?
''we get about 50% of visible light through and absorption of all of the IR (heat radiation) of the sun. Bubbles are completely transparent to visible but scatter light (refraction) in all directions.