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sorry for fuzzy style thats just notes from the conference, feel free to augment them or provide links

Idea generation and voting

Prince El Hassan El Tallal announces Coalition for the Global Commons

Presentation of Children

  • Clownfrau "Ich heute geflogen von Düsseldorf"
  • "We children are one third of the world population"
  • Anknüpfend an WangariMaathai verpflichten sich Kinder in vielen Teilen der Welt (Südkorea, Nepal, Bangla Desh...) jeweils eine Million Bäume zu pflanzen: http://www.plant-for-the-planet.org/
DESERTEC (Max Schön)

  • Max Schön , Club of Rome, CEO of Max Schön Group, seit einigen Jahren Präsident des Club of Rome in Deutschland
  • Nur 20 Prozent der Energie nach Europa exportiert, nur 20% des Energiebedarfs deckend
Global Spirituality(Hans Jaecklin)

FUTURE MOBILITY Gerhard Heilmaier

  • Licensing model with decentralised production
  • Every part of the car has to change!
  • Technology must be affordable.
  • Electric cars will be the best solutions, all the oil we have left should be left to long distance.
Franz Fischler Global Marshall Plan

ecosocial market economy: free markets lead to market failures

  • climate change / use of fossil fuels
  • exploitation of resources
  • too much inequality
balanced concept, with ecology, society and culture as separate realities .... Article 3/3 of Lisbon treaty

Futuro 8000 (Benno Steiner)

  • Die Landsiedlung organisation with 60 empoyees
  • "Due Diligence" for projects in Brazil
"Has the farmer money, the whole world has it"
  • Mina Sherai North of Brasilia, Area with 35000 inhabitants
  • 10000 HA of Babassu Area to be purchased (Indiginous plant that has been burned for cattleground)
      • mens collect, women break, oil made from seeds, peelings be shipped to germany and made into electric or thermal energy
Hier bricht das Manuskript ab.. die Konferenz hat bis jetzt nicht ganz das gehalten was sie versprochen hat...

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Alexander Dill, Financing the Commons
John Watts, Creative Commons

"its all about the planting of good ideas in the simplest most possible clear way"

Redesigning ECOSOC - Peter Hesse

anknüpfend an 1944 Dumbarton Oaks Initiative


Jacques Paysan, Agostino Fariavelli; Telepathology

  • What is pathology / a pathologist: a specialist for recognizing diseases and dangerous conditions, cancer, tumour, infection: take biopsies, make sections, put them int glass slide, examines specimen with a microscope
  • Pathologists are an endangered species! We have cases, slides, but do not have pathologists. Digital glass slide.
  • Digital slides are very large (500Mb to 100GB) - requires a lot of technology to transmit. Similar problem to teleradiology. Needs a lot of infrastructure and money.
  • Art of diagnosis is a matter of collective intelligence, a common art form, Accurate medical diagnosis is essential for quality of life. Shaing is also improving.
  • Technology exists, but it takes global efforts to implement it.
  • In Africa there are very few
  • ITALY 60.000.000 2500
  • CONGO 70.000.000 9
  • Folge: Inzidenz von Cervical Cancer in Afrika. Gebärmutterkrebs ist Todesursache nummer eins!
  • Beispiel: Spital in Afrika hat alles, aber keinen Pathologen!

Video Message by Hazel henderson

Think Camp Johannes Pfister

30 people involved, http://www.thinkcamp.eu

Renate Christ (IPCC) "Once a week without meat"

Rajenda Pachauri

Daniel Dahm Unlimited Infrastructures


Su:Sol (Sustainabilty Solutions): "Offer Integrated Solutions between Services and Infrastructures"

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