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"Global Villages - the extension of the cooperative village logic to a global energy in the age of communication":


There is no doubt that Information technology has dramatically widened opportunities for global co-operation.Yet we seem to be far away from a considerable impact on any field of material production and life-supporting infrastructures. Whilst in theory we have a lot of plausible points that would favor cooperative research and development between small businesses, social enterprises, non-profits with life-maintainance as their goal, the madness of intellectual property is still ruling the world.

The presentation touches on some points and experiences of pilot cases and innovative attempts, whilst in its main part proposing a combination of a technological and ecological pattern language that enables people to shape their local life in diversity.

It is a pattern language of Global Villages, of settlements and habitats that combine deep insight into their local resources and development potential with a serious attempt to build an educational structure around a shared process of research and development, where local communities engage in diversity and thematic specialisation to complement each other in bringing about the complexity required to shape the hyperlocal community of tomorrow.

The self-destructive logic of warfare economics

The advent of hyperlocal patterns

The players in a global villages world

Markus's Comments

First off Franz it is hard for me to comment as I have followed a lot of what you are doing anyhow. SO I will add some things that I think are useful:

Intro - I think this is fine.

But you do not say who you are or your background. This might be useful for those that come but don't know that you are a Hotelier (so understand the business world) and have an anarchist philosophical background (there are a lot of anarchists here - so mentioning can be useful).

Sure they can read the bio :) - so I would also state that "Global Villages" are just like Ecovillages are ecologically sustainable - so they are CIT (Community and Information Technology)sustainable. Note Bene I wrote Community and NOT Communication - though of course both cold be applied

They won't know what pattern languages are - but they can of course discover that later :)

The self-destructive logic of warfare economics -

Sounds good and dramatic, I guess you can talk about the Zeitgeist here, patents, IP and Open Everything and Michel Bauwens stuff.? Some concrete example is good of how there is such destruction.

SLIGHT critique of this is that it can focus on the problem and not the solution - so for me it should be short

The advent of hyperlocal patterns -

I guess you explain what patterns are? Do you talk about Urban Villages ? Rural existences? As hyperlocal here in wikipedia may help slightly


The players in a global villages world

So I guess this is now and also what we would like to see.

SECTIONS I would like to see are:

What can I do?

- this is always my pet bug bear. I always think that people should take away from a talk some practical action that they can take away and do. Or at least a future direction. Or it is just infotainment with no more merit than watching a football match or playing a computer game (more interesting to most people - so why try and compete on only that premise)?? OK so they can of course talk with you / sign up to dorfwiki. But maybe there is some other simple things or places they can go to start transforming. Actually when I write this I think of Les Squires - Transition Social Net.


What tech do we see in aiding cooperative working. So the video-bridging is one you shoudl mention, that you used the Finnish Learning Circles. Are there any other beacon projects that people can look to? It is great if they can see wow that is working and I never knew about it.

Suvi's comments.

ecological pattern languages- local "village" currency- currency tied to the renewing ecologics and carrying capacity locally (status quo and potential improvement), another currency "outside village" for excess production and tech skills and machinery as well as need?

Example hydroponics- local production, often used in finland greenhousing. Development has produced better lamps hence costwise it would be possible to have a equilibrium weather to produce locally or import goods. Savings for enviroment (less pollution-no trasport)if produced locally. Hydroponics are also usable in 3dr world countries already. Savings for enviroment by lessening water usage and water pollution and need of new fields and topsoil. Potential- need skills and tech, more ecologically frienly, forests etc. local fauna gain more land.