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2-5 November 2010 3-Lensus Conference and workshop in Thessaloniki   
February 2011 Creating a videobridge event with SEETA   
April 2011. Brighton-Larissa on-line: a videobridge event after Brighton 45th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition   

2-5 November 2010 3-Lensus Conference and workshop in Thessaloniki    

MarinaKollatou: The 3-Lensus[1] Conference and workshop took place in Thessaloniki on 2-5 November. It was the final conference of the 3-Lensus project and at the conference the participants presented the projects realised in their countries as best practices for sustainable development. FranzNahrada was invited to talk (via skype) about the Globalvillage Initiative. The video as well as his interaction with the audience raised a lot of interest among the people present at the conference. I attended the conference as a guest.

February 2011 Creating a videobridge event with SEETA    

Event on SEETA (S E Europe Teachers Association) moodle platform http://www.seeta.eu about Videobridge.

Our videobridge community will educate people-members of the SEETA on-line community of the potential benefits of videobridging.

here is the teaser:

Videobridge: a tool for the empowerment of local communities

One may think "what on earth is the connection between development of local communities and an on-line platform designed to cater for educators needs?"

The answer lies to the fact that although videobridge is rooted in some new practises of innovative and education - driven local development, there are general lessons to be learnt, both in regard to the sustainability of learning prcodesses and in regard to the vitality of learning situations.

Thus it can prove to be an excellent means in the hands of educators and English teachers in particular. It's a slightly more complex approach than simple teleconferencing, but it might pay back a lot.

In this course, we will try to offer an insight to its philosophy and principles, explore its multiple potentials and its impact to teacher's professional development and ways to tighter community building among educatprs.

Last but not least, teachers might even discover how fascinating it would be to foster the development of the community they live and work in. Read more on http://www.seeta.eu/course/view.php?id=66

April 2011. Brighton-Larissa on-line: a videobridge event after Brighton 45th Annual International IATEFL Conference and Exhibition    

Brighton-Larissa on-line teacher training event

This year the 45th Annual International IATEFL Conference & Exhibition was held in Brighton, England. Considering the professional obligations, the distance and the financial situation being physically present at the event was something totally out of the question. However, the fact that the event would be broadcast live seemed to be quite an opportunity and a real challenge not only for myself as a teacher and educator but also as a teacher trainer. To be more specific, I thought I could take advantage of this potential and tranform it into an actual learning situation for the teachers of English in my area.

Read more on http://blogs.sch.gr/mkollatou/2011/04/26/brighton-larissa-on-line-teacher-training-event/