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Proposal For Phase2







Village Innovation Talks II – Jan 29th, 2012

John Broomfield, Franz Nahrada and D Eisenbach

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2.How will it work   
3.Expected outcomes (summary)   
4.Linkages & Outlook   
5.Immediate next steps   
Starting March:   
6.Current list of key topics   
7. Contribution of organisation team   
8. What we expect from the villages in return   
Who we are   


Building on the success of the first Village Innovation Talk (VIT) project, this paper outlines a proposal for enabling the spread of the Village Innovation Talks series beyond the initial geographic scope and participants. It also addresses some of the additional needs identified during the pilot phase in terms of involving and developing team members and the sharing and celebration of success both within the community and network.

At the beginning of 2012, the VIT program will be expanded to four to five talks on key sustainability and innovation topics (see list of topics below). Soon afterwards, expansion to more European and international villages is expected. To enable this, local and national donors will be involved and local companies, sponsors. co-operatives and authorities recruited.

2.How will it work    

The organising team will work with candidate villages to identify possible topics and locations.

A hosting village will agree to host an f2f meeting around a topic that is of key interest to them, either based on expanding an existing project or initiating a new one. The topic should reflect their “needs” as they will drive the agenda of the event.

They will need to obtain local support and resources (such as location, speakers) and invite suitable guests (based on proposal by organising team)

The guests will obtain funding from their local sources for travel and producing some promotional material for their projects. Stipends for travel can be considered.

Public Viewings will be set up in many other villages and communities to ensure dialogue with the larger audience.

This audience will be encouraged by local moderators to submit questions and thus engage and participate fully in the outcome of the Village Innovation Talks

A “Village Innovation Platform” will be set up to

  • be the "voice of the talks" (weblog)
  • promote and stream the events and document the outcome and learning
  • provide multiple simultaneous public viewings and cross community discussions,
  • search, storage and retrieval of past talks based on locations and topics.
Televised extensions to home viewers are welcome.

3.Expected outcomes (summary)    

  • Five f2f events with guests from up to 4 additional villages
    with around 20 participants f2f
    plus public viewing in 10 – 100 additional villages, activating 200 – 1000 people
  • A series of new village projects and project ideas of 3-5 per event
  • Extensive organizational and technical learning
  • Establish a Support Team by the end of 2012 to provide additional support such as training, content aggregation, community building to ensure sustainability
  • The “Village Innovation” Blog and Platform
4.Linkages & Outlook    

Leverage GKPF consultation meetings to introduce the VIT to other geographies.

Fall 2012 Mobile4D Conference:

  • presentation of VIT developmnent higlighting mobile aspects.
  • Develop a website and user interface that encourages sharing of knowledge and information allowing the creation of an affordable “mobile production site” including live video cutting, satellite uplink etc. and to encourage local communities to acquire and maintain their own equipment for intensifying communication.
Do further research on a new "highly interactive video format" that allows visibility and interaction of several sites as shown in St. Martin. (tests in progress)

5.Immediate next steps    


Determine themes, timings and participants (presenters, face2face participants, and virtual audience)

VIT2 has been set for March23rd in Schönau (Austria) to the topic Bioenergy

VIT3 and 4 will be in Bittelbronn and Witzenhausen, dates have not been set

The other talks 5 and possibly 6 need to be defined (for example, a Village Innovation Camp for Siegendorf is under consideration)

Invite Global Villages Network members into VIT

Finetune technical infrastructure and methodology for the next series of Village Innovation Talks for live and Public Viewing (alongside the proposal to stream and scale)

Starting March:    

Produce platform/website to support VIT (video, presentations, Village bios, etc.)

Include materials from first Village Innovation Talk (translations, subtitling, dubbing)

Deliver documentation needs and acquire equipment: some participating villages may need access to a Mobile “Village Innovation Talk Kit”

Promote the Village Innovation Talks before and after each talk

6.Current list of key topics    

 Alternative energy (set for March 23rd)

Broadband (host: Bittelbronn, date not set)

SME development and support

Art/Entertainment and Education

Village Shop and The new village activity centers

Citizen Journalism (Local Media Producers Talk) (possibly at summer camp)

7. Contribution of organisation team    

Identify, evaluate and select five test cases for the 2012 talk series based on relevance for the network and manage their implementation, including cooperation with internet and regional TV partners

Produce a series of video messages and other promotional materials to effect new participation

Coordinate villages (maintain list of interested villages, matching partners) and encourage them to offer production and public viewing sites and equipment.

Develop checklists, training and templates for the staging, promotion, press releases etc.

Set up Website to support communities during the talks and discussions before and after the talks, for example, a forum, integrate Facebook & twitter streams.

Define and test two formats: high outreach (TV) vs. high interaction (Videoconference)

Define technical platform(s) (the Deutsche Telecom Videomeet or something Open Source?) and technical advice lists.

8. What we expect from the villages in return    

Register at the village-innovation.net site as soon as it is up

Agree and follow certain minimum quality standards

Post videos and other promotional material

Host an event/be interested in hosting an event

Be available to mentor a new, interested village and actively engage in VIT social media sites ( facebook and others)

Who we are    

The Village Innovation Talks are a co-operation between IdeaWerk and GIVE.

IDEAWERK http://www.ideawerk.de

Ideawerk is an Innovation Initiative been founded in 2010 based on an open source approach to knowledge sharing. We are a group of inventors, innovators and business people who enjoy exploring new ideas and seeing them implemented. We subscribe to the “stop talking, start doing” approach based on jamming and rapid prototyping. Sustainability, technology and business innovation are key themes.

GIVE http://www.give.at

GIVE is the acronym for "Globally Integrated Village Environment". We are a research group founded in 1992 in Vienna on the base of the "bootstrap community" concept of Douglas Engelbart. This means setting a development goal and gathering a transdisciplinary community of theoreticians and practicioners as a "lab" - and practising a research style that is open to spontaneous discoveries and developments. Our key theme is the potential of small settlements empowered by communication technologies. We started the Global Vilages Network, a global community of village innovators.


bitte auf unserer facebook Seite: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Village-Innovation-Talk/245319025532480