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neue Versions-Info und zum Testen

From: Martin Schmidt <ptmschmidt@fh-stpoelten.ac.at> To: sotf-general@lists.berlios.de Subject: [Sotf-general] the waiting is over - happy sotf video node testing!!!


i'm proud to present you the brand new sotf video node! :)

some of the features are: - wide variety of video formats supported (all ffmpeg can eat... *g*) - conversion per default into

   3gp (for mobile phones)
   mp4 (for quicktime player, compatible with ipod video!)
   wmv (for windows media player)
- ffmpeg commands might be individually edited in config.inc.php - preview on get.php realized with
   stills (100% black, green or whatever frames are omitted)
   flash video-player
- dynamic output of conversion progress in editFiles.php - metadata can be edited while conversion is still running - user-friendly advanced search (!!!) - statistics on index.php with detailed audio/video-information - getid3-1.7.5 implemented -> makes things easier - the new topic tree... :)

known bugs: - some page content is not translated yet in all four languages - the flash video-player is not placed directly on get.php, but in a popup (see pps for details) - videos are not yet converted into psp-compatible format

you can see (and test) the whole thing running on: >> http://sotf.fh-stpoelten.ac.at/node_881

there is a little neighbourhood installed - for sync testing: node_881 < http://sotf.fh-stpoelten.ac.at/node_881&gt; (video) -> node_882 < http://sotf.fh-stpoelten.ac.at/node_882&gt; (audio) -> node_883 < http://sotf.fh-stpoelten.ac.at/node_883&gt; (video)

notice that node 883 gets its video programmes only via the "normal" audio node, whose sync routine has not been changed at all! however, the video programmes are hidden on the audio node (statistics are also restricted to audio programmes).

the only thing necessary for audio nodes to get along with video programmes is a svn update and a run of update.sql, which adds a few necessary fields in the database.

there has been a account created for all of you on all three nodes: testuser/testuser (of course, you have both administrator and editor rights.)

i have just configured the ftp server as it should be, so you can access your user directory (on node 881) via >> ftp://testuser:testuser@sotf.fh-stpoelten.ac.at:8989

so now please test the video node and submit any found bugs, problems or suggestions (and be aware of the fact that i am 100% available to correct/implement them only until the 31th of may).

happy testing! greetings martin

ps: you can, of course, install your own node from the svn video-branch, too. in this case, you need an up-to-date ffmpeg version. (under debian, use: "deb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ sarge main")

pps: we were not able to get our flv-files working properly in our (or any) flash video-player. the user had to wait on get.php for the whole flv to load (which might take a while... *g*) before he could leave to an other page. probably, some metadata is missing in the flv-files created with ffmpeg. any ideas concerning this problem?