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Sample Event







In the course of our 10 day workshop (see Program) we are organizing a sample event on the 25th of January, # around 6.00 pm VIENNA TIME
It will be a training ground and learning opportunity alike.
The theme is: VIDEOBRIDGING - a choice in education?
We organize an event that could be streamed to many locations
We test how to improve participation and interaction
Here is WhatYouNeed


The active streaming locations: Vienna and Graz


5pm CET start of local events

  • for example in Graz
      • introduction round
      • Watching DVD "long night of languages"
6pm Vienna Time - CET - start of the first segment of Videobridge

  • 5 min. from vienna: Franz - why this event takes place
  • 10 min: presentation of the groups from Graz - what are we doing, why are we interested in Videobridge? Special presentation of Spektral, Elevate;
  • 10 min: KB5
  • 15 min: presentation of the participants of the GIVE-Workshop in Vienna
  • 30-45 min: presentation of the outcomings and conclusions of the GIVE-Workshop in Vienna:
    • what is videobridging?
    • which aspects have we discussed? Reasons to do Videobridging, Patterns, Technic / Filming, Scripting, Streaming) Organisation
    • what projects have been formed?
    • questions can be asked immediatly
  • End of the first videosession about 7.10 pm CET
7:10 pm CET : 30 min of discussion in the local groups and in the online chatroom. Which projects do we plan, which questions occur on this purpose?

7:40 pm CET Start of the second segment of Videobridge. Results from chat and answers to questions of local groups.

To be finished between 8 and 8.30pm.

The Passive Stream Locations

We also seek a number of locations that would organize a group of people to discuss locally the theme that we spark globally. We will send you a stream (see under "stream") and hope you write your perceptions in a chatroom in Worknets (not in Scopia Desktop)


  • log in into the English room
  • Watch the stream (see above)
  • turn off after completion and digest
  • gather your questions and comments
  • write your comments in http://www.worknets.org/chat/base (chatroom)
    • Register with the name of your town (Munich, Pispala,...)
  • see if we (the ones that actively talk and stream) can come up with a good answer)
  • give final comments
  • if you like, turn off and continue locally.

    • go to
    • http://scopia.meetingmachine.at
    • room number 6025012010
    • klick on "Webcast ansehen" or "Watch Stream"
    • you might be asked to install streaming components
    • "Jetzt installieren" means "Install now"
    • after the components are installed restart your browser
    • repeat the procedure with the page and the room number
    • a Quicktime stream should automatically come up

So we need a short description of your place:

give it to us here, and we will take care of the editing!

Just fill in your name in Preferences to be able to edit!

Pispala Fi

Pispala is a community located near Tampere in Finland. It is an Urban Village, being located in the peri-urban area of Tampere. geographically it is between Nokia and the city. Geophysically it is located on an esker between 2 lakes on an isthmus next to a nature reserve area.

Historically it was a worker area, but is affected by modern gentrification processes. It is noted for its cultural aspects. There are many associations (ry = registered association) such as The Pispala Cultural Association ry (Hirvitalo), Rajaportin Sauna ry, Pispala Kirjastalo ry (Library), Kurpitsatalo ry (community gardens project) that are quite independent.

Recently many have come together to access funding, surplus labour and be supported by the Kumppanuus ry (Partnership ry). MarkusPetz is working for this project.

Medienzentrum Lienz

Hallo Vienna. I am sorry not to be able to be with you in person. I am a librarian with much interest in distance learning. Even on Monday 25 th of January we stream the "Montagsakademie" from the University of Graz to my place from 7 PM so I only can watch your stream until a quarter to 7. But I will invite the man from our Chamber of Commerce, he told me yesterday, that they want to buy the equipment, that is necessary for distance learning. And also i will talk about to some other people, who probably will be part of a project in the future. We also will discuss opportunities of this aim with our University of Innsbruck in February. For myself I will start in March with a little study group in my home place (the library is not good for this). I studied "Action Research" at the University of Klagenfurt and want to bring this method to our region. So when you will meet for the next time, maybe I can bring some own experience with me. Another plan for the next month in my library is, to give people informations about on-line studying opportunities worldwide. We started to collect Internet sites on our homepage www.stadtbuecherei-lienz.at

All the best to your meeting and kindly regards from Lienz in Eastern Tyrol.

Elisabeth Ziegler-Duregger

Zentrum für Neue Arbeit Neulengbach

for the long version of what we are doing in Neulengbach I dont have time (because our center starts in 2 weeks, still a lot of work to do).... the short version is: we try to create a place were we can earn money in rural surroundings AND raise our children with fun and we are very interested in video-bridges to connect with the world, communicate and learn a lot!

Four Locations in Central Greece

first location: Larisa, Greece. teleconference room. Participants:school advisers SECOND TEACHERS

second location: Trikala town community

third location: Karditsa town community teachers

Adolf Jändl

Ich möchte gerne an dem Test- Videobridge am 25.1. in Graz teilnehmen. Wie kann ich mich da einklinken?

Herzliche Grüße

  • Adolf Jändl
  • Ministerialrat a.D.
  • Regionet Europe EWIV/EEIG
THE ROSE VALLEY TEAM of the Bulgarian Towns of Sopot and Karlovo

The Rose Valley Team includes:

- LU-club from the Town of Sopot (www.lu-club.dir.bg)

- Town of Karlovo's Community Cultural Centre together with Impressia Vocal Trio (www.chitalishte-karlovo.dir.bg)

I am YORA ATANASOVA from the Town of Sopot, Bulgaria, and have already met online some of the participants in the S-S-L workshop.

I am going to take part in the VideoBridge on 25th Jan through my LU-club (www.lu-club.dir.bg), which I have undertaken for about an year, and am trying to develop as own business within YORKA-LU company. I have many ideas, lots of knowledge, competences and qualifications all linked to learning somehow, and am now just looking for the right way to put them all together at work during these dificult times. That is about me.

I am going to be a passive participant tonight together with my friends of the Chitalishte (Community Cultural Centre) of the Town of Karlovo. They are:

- IVANKA BALTOVA, in charge of the cultural activities in the Chitalishte of Karlovo. Interesting about her is that she is a member of the vocal Impressia Trio singing Old Urban Songs style;

- RUMIANA RAYKOVA-KOSTOVA, who is a teacher on IT in a prestigeous high school in Sopot, and also participant in and art manager of the Impressia Trio;

- SVETLANA MURDZHEVA, who is a teacher of a primary school grade in Sopot, and also a member of Impressia Trio;

- HRISTO BALTOV, Ivanka's husband, who is an engineer, and also speaks English, so may be of help in both capacities.

- DINKO KOSTOV, Rumiana's husband, also an engineer, who is just a bit jealous, so is accompanying his wife.

Ivanka and Hristo are hosting our group at their home in Karlovo.

I think all of us are representatives of local intelligence in a remote area, which does not offer much learning choices, and has been depopulated, mainly be emmigration, even stronger then the rest of the country. At the same time, it is a beautiful place with lots of potential, and the chances for distance both learning and work may be a factor contributing to its development.