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Julius Galdikas







 Julius has been accepted last minute from the waiting list.
 He brings the perspective of a young person to the workshop
 here is a conversation

Franz Nahrada:

hello this is Franz from Vienna can we chat shortly? Please tell us more about the films you made about your experience with video

Julius Galdikas:

well it wasn't very serious.. it was more informing and showing truth to the people.. we did a short film about how to steal a bike.. right from Vilnius center, were most people gather. Of course we stole our own bike many times by nobody knowing.. and secretly filmed from somewere.

I had some experience before.. i made some short movies with acting and things we could think of.. I don't have much experience, i never had a videocamera, but i have a lot other experience, and many ideas.

I know how to use a computer for sure., I'm more like designer, I like changing how things look or work better. From what i saw in video about this workshop, i think there was nothing hard to do.

One question gets in mind.. from where comes money for all this.. because in Lithuania it's hard to get money.

You can read what my father thinks about many things.. http://knol.google.com/k/knol/Search?q=virmantas+galdikas my father caused me a very wide view..

So I want to study better in Norway. When i come back, i'm thinking about opening a school.. very new type of school, very different from now situation in lithuania. But it's a long way.. so i want experience in all kinds of things which could help me do a better society atleast in my country :)

Franz Nahrada: that sounds good what kind of school are you dreaming of? Franz Nahrada: what is the difference - to existing school system?

Julius Galdikas: i don't know if i can call it school, because it would be very differnt system.. the point is more wide.. not only to learn maths and other things, but to share, combine all things, not only from normal schools.. but the arts, politics, healthy life stile, everything what is in university, and in life. It's a new idea- this school, so i have no very straight answer. There are some schools in the world, were parents come to teach, teaching individualy.. I think of an any age school.. with any age teachers.. because everybody has a brain, everybody can think, everybody can learn, everybody can teach.. I know that lithuanian goverment wouldn't let something like that at first for sure.. so i will have to do it not like school, but at first i think I'll need to go to schools and do some projects, or open something like privat art school. but i don't think that they let me to give secondary, middle, or other school degrees, but i don't stop thinking, and i'm very interested in it, so i think i will keep doing this project. My dad sais it's minimum 10 years to open the school.. so everything can change, and i have so many ideas.. i just can't write here everything. Because then I'm writing i'm already thinking of new ideas. It's a really big project..

Franz Nahrada: nice thoughts. I like truly ambitious people may I share yor thoughts? means put it in wiki or mailing list so that other participants know why you come and they learn to see you?

Julius Galdikas: yes, please. If more people will like this idea, it's more chances to do it