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Vortrag Global Village 95





Bringing the Mind Home

Tony Gwilliam - Tensegrity International (USA)

The world you live in is completely dictated by your perception. Perception is learnt and as we change our perception the relationship and experiences between our body and the world change.

Our perception can be visualised as having the form of woven sieves or knots that we find useful in living our everyday lives.

These perceptual knots are created from our experience, and are chosen because they are found to fit with this our so called reality.

We start by looking at some historic knots, knots that we created and left behind when they did not fit emerging realities. We are again feeling a lack of integrity in our present knots and again its time to unravel the old and tie new ones. These new knots, weaves or fields will fit with the emerging paradigm and take into account the spherical awareness of our planet, the cyclic nature of life, the pulsing radiant model of atomic structure, the interdependency of all humans on our planet and interconnectedness of all actions, and the change from top down hierarchical thinking to an assumption that complexity is generated from billions of simple actions.

We are changing our viewpoint from a self-centered hierarchical universe to one that includes all selves and viewpoints and we become but one node/knot/pattern/quark/atom in a cosmic, connected, superstring soup of thoughts which travel omni-directionally through space and time. Diversity is seen as richness rather than a threat as it was in our previous self-centered universe. Our operating environment -city or village- is one factor that creates changes in our perception and as we more fully integrate our knowledge into our built environment it in turn influences our thinking and changes concepts of life and our relationship to universe.

The separation we now feel will no longer be perceived and so will not exist. I think its something like the Renaissance when European culture slipped from its mediaeval concepts to the so called rebirth. As in the past this new perception may itself in time blind us to other views, but with our continual play with the dragon, and cumulative wisdom we continually harvest more of the abundant universe within our physical and cultural D.N.A. including technology -"continuous man" and integrate this into a pattern until we realise that all are but differing views of one universe and everything we perceive is ourselves.

There is no separation and at this point the connectedness prevails and we will have become the universe, just another pulse or Big Bang. As you are but temporally loaned atoms coalesced in the patterns of you, and mind and body relationship is but a perception capable of change you need no longer be trapped in the narrow confines of time and space.

Lets look at our story. From the big bang we differentiated and became human beings.


We connected ourselves through the stars, nature, birth and death. Our stories connected us through our ancestors. The cycles repeated. Mother Earth and Father Sky are connected by the Tree of Life. Nature as our Mother, and the Wild Man as her lover. We lived locally by hunting and gathering, a family in a small area perceived to be a flat disk. An up and down universe. Adam and Eve tells of our DNA connection and our separation. The suns path across the dome of the sky. The cyclic, the circles, the wheel of medicine. Stonehenge. Stones marking time. Top down patriarchal pyramids with agriculture and fixing of place. with settlement.

The planet is circumnavigated and the now circularly perceived home of man is considered a resource whose treasures can be taken traded and processed:

language, language, language, language, language, language, language,

writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing, writing,

books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books, books,

money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money,

ports, ports, ports, ports, ports, ports, ports, ports, ports, ports, ports, ports.

cube time

Soon cube time develops with industrialisation causing more separation. The 92 plus chemical elements now readily accessible Know-how connected to resource processing creates a web of trade routes, classroom education, secrets, defence, consolidation of resources and power.

Steam time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time.

Train time, time, time, time, time, time, time, time

Machine time, time, time, time.

A time of classrooms, museums, art galleries, botanical gardens, zoos.

A time of mills, coal, man as slave to machine, steam ships and trains.

Boundaries defined sharply, produce Uniformity. Organised control order and standardisation a priority. The past is considered history.

Network Time

The photos of the blue planet floating in a black sky now demolish our up and down thinking and replace it with radiant in and out pulsing. Globalisation.

What is East versus West in a spherical universe? What goes out, comes back and hits you on the back of the head; and fast these days. Musical hits are almost instantaneously glob-all hits.

United Nations. United colors of Benetton. MacDonalds?. Rainforest Indians with video cameras. Levi legs. Networks. Trans-national. Round and round- global teaming-24 hour work on new scientific discoveries, financial markets, communications and action approaching the speed of light. As you go to bed I get up and continue your work and so on, until you get up again. Events immediately reacted to. Airports are added to sea ports. Telephones give us our own individual port. Medicines sans frontieres.

Network weaving continues, the paths begin to coalesce, increasing synergy, all places are served by the weave. Borders dissolve and allow natural energy flow between high and low pressure zones to relieve the explosive pressures that have built up. For a time these released pent up energies and a delayed realisation of our oneness cause local conflicts between parts of the whole. Management structures also evolve from pyramid to spherical networks with changing nodes of power sharing. Flowing time, swatch in, watch out. Planetary action driven by new awareness of the global affects of our pollution. Now humans with nature - culture as co-evolution. The weaving intensifies and the network fills to become a field. Knowledge exploration continues in depth, space, oceans, poles, micro/macro, shamanism, archaeology, science, bio engineering systems. Rigid boundaries become pervious membranes with flowing wave fronts, cellular systems. Tout est sans frontieres. As separation and boundaries are removed, diversity becomes a strength to be welcomed, not feared. This diversity is not of nations, but of individual or new tribal explorations and personal experiments. We enact a marriage of technology and love, sacredness, connectedness to feed our wholeness - body, mind and spirit.

The possibility of total destruction of the human race coupled with the drive to survive causes us to get ourselves together. Our home planet Earth is now lived and loved in its oneness and the radiant speed of light spherical omnidirectional fields of communication connect us to her in a potentially responsive way. We become attuned to the pulse of the planet again and again. Wireless, trackless, omnidirectional. It is a moving picture of ever increasing velocity and synchronised knowledge. Unravelling, chaos, none separation, return to the void. Flocking. Complexity arises from multiple, simple, individual actions. Co-evolution.

Body and Mind

Our body is a field sitting in the fields. Deepak Chopra says "Your body is a flowing organism empowered by millions of years of intelligence. Impulses of intelligence create your body in new forms every second. What you are is the sum total of these impulses, and by changing their patterns you will change.......at this moment you are exhaling atoms of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen that just an instant before were locked up in solid matter, your stomach, liver, heart, lungs, and brain are vanishing into thin air, being replaced as quickly and endlessly as they are being broken down. By the end of this year, 98% of the atoms in your body will have been replaced for new ones."

The mind and body are inseparably one. The unity that is "me" separates into two streams of experience. I experience the subjective stream as thoughts, feelings, and desires. I experience the objective stream as my body. At a deeper level, however, the two streams meet at a single creative source. It is from this source that we are meant to live. Lazlo suggests that mind is the interiority, or subjective dimension of every system. And matter, or physicality, is its externally observed dimension. These two dimensions are like the inside and outside of a house. You can neither separate them nor reduce one to the other.

Our externalised body is technology and industrialisation. Through all the knowledge that was passed on and built upon by each generation, we revive our ancestors. Industrialisation is the "continuous human". It is necessary in our evolutionary path. Technology and nature are not opposed. Technology is a way of understanding nature and becoming one with it... to become a co-creator.

Our industrial attitudes are evolving from the crude mechanical through the chemical, electronic and now into the biological, genetic, energetic, transforming processes. Universe includes our externalised body. A perspective where we the observer are also the observed, the path, the subject and the object, the particle and wave. Humans and universe are co-workers. The speed of light global communication network is making us ever more cogniscant of this - it's the nervous system of our externalised body, a network which is linking our perceived separate selves to become one with the universe again. We will soon reclaim and internalise our externalised body which may be considered a sort of cultural DNA. Chris Langton said that when playing the Game of Life on his computer "....... I lost any distinction between the hardware and the process. I realised that at some deep level, there's really not that much difference between what could happen in the computer and what could happen in my own personal hardware - that it was really the same process that was going on up on the screen." from M. Mitchell Waldrop. Complexity. Life at the Edge of Chaos. Simon and Schuster 92.

Complexity arises from multiple simple actions. The termite picks up a grain of sand, moves it till the sun hits it and drops it on the sunny side. Giant termite mounds are created from just such simple commands. Your individual actions will create elegant structures for life. The very dynamics of nature leads towards complexity and intelligence. Choice is a drive to continually explore. It's inbuilt. We try one way one time, then another next time, a continual exploration. What would happen if? We also use the feedback loops to learn from our actions.




In many places at once. Particle and wave. The legitimate sphere of the relative.

MIND: what is it? Mind is not data it is rather a sort of woven mesh or sieve - through which information is sifted and transformed. It is both the weaver and the web. This sieve is partly created by our own perception and experience, and partly by the sum total of all experience. The culturally based sieve it is a sort of group mind - given to and taken from by the tribe and in the global culture we develop global mind. Bringing our mind home suggests we look for commonly felt experiences which connect us to the universe in a symbiotic manner. In order to do this we continually need to re-weave our sieves or dream catchers into new patterns. These patterns then transform us in a much deeper way leading to a co-evolution or co-arising of humans and universe. Where is mind?

We regularly perceive mind to be in our heads but the suggestions of Teilard de Chardin and his concept of a field around the earth which he named the Noosphere and the work of Rupert Sheldrake in which he describes morphogenetic idea fields which permeate all space, seem more in keeping with possible new perceptions. It is omnipresent in every cell of our bodies and exists everywhere in universe.

As a toothbrush reminds one to brush ones teeth. The universe is but an extension of our mind, our memory, our reference. It's all available even if it is future reference.

GLOBAL COMMUNITY - the new neighbourhood. It is for a reason universe continually teaches us of her ebbs and flows, her secrets, her treasures, her oceans, her weather, her moods, her past, her future. Trust her, she wants to dance with us. Through technology - that external nervous system of ours - the whole is coming to the individual. The individual is coming to the whole. After trying to kill the dragon we must resurrect it again, unblock its flux and learn to play with it.



The environment that we in-habit has a profound influence on the building of our conceptual mind set. If as a child our explorations are mostly pigeon holed within a 90 degree apartment block with TV and formica it will most likely create a different mind set to that of a person whose environment is the rain forest or desert where nature remains dominant, and neither straight lines nor the thinking that comes with them exist. Although the word "settlement" has connotations of people being in one place for a long time, settlement is a dynamic, worldwide, continually moving and changing phenomenon.


Human settlement is a system generated within the overall system, in the major part by a combination of the social, communication, transportation, and shelter technology sub-systems. Its development follows the pattern of isolated local point to dynamic spatial field systems.

System; this is also based on close person to person contact, and humans to the system causing the concentration of peoples close to their externalised system. Increasing efficiency creates a surplus over food needs; they re-invest their time improving technology and thus create the great industrial complex necessitating urbanism at this stage. The nervous system of the total externalisation of humans is provided by the communications and these being initially two dimensional and lineal in nature, the halts, crossovers, and change over points of these energy flows generate the human settlements. The routes themselves with the mobile shelters on them create moving settlements, e.g. trains, ships, caravans, or groups of wagons. The systems develop to world wide level and become spatial field systems and with humans freeing themselves from being slaves to their externalised system, both spatially and timewise they increasingly live where they prefer, as they prefer.


Earth is a one world settlement and its population is total humanity.


...the soul of the form can only become alive through resonance...the form is the outer expression of the inner content... paraphrased from Kandinsky, on the problem of form 1912. The settlements complexity does not develop from the top down but from the sum of millions of individual actions. This global story is to be enacted by all of us. Strings of communities will follow natural energetic patterns and be called into existence by our story and songlines. Settlement patterns will tend towards spherical, biological, organic fields, radial not lineal cubic entities. We will remove barriers to assist flow between previously considered separate entities, promoting cyclic, synergetic relationships, co-existence, and more sharing. Boundaries, barriers and limits will pulse, be softer, more pervious, fewer and more fluid encouraging richness and diversity. The globally linked diverse settlement strands will share do more with less and have a symbiotic relationship with other Earth systems forming a responsive NETWORK, not a centralised structure. As technology more closely emulates living systems, nature and technology will integrate and not be easily separable. The resulting revelation of the underlying process through deep design will be sensed through everyday living in such a settlement. The self educational structure of place will cause a de-mystification and form an everyday connection with the sacred.

The DNA consists of a weave of THREE NETS:

1. GREENWAYS - the connector, the net superstrings includes food production.

-Settled and nomadic dwellings
-the place of learning
-the place of work
-the Village store
-the living Museum -the Art place
-the Water place
-the Fire place
-the multipurpose place
-all a healthy place

2. MEWS - the service ways

3. INVISIBLE CONNECTORS - the electronic field, connecting the physical settlements to the global virtual settlement.


I start with the field pattern - the green connectors- then add the other elements. I am proposing that the links between become cosmic pathways and the dwellings and all structures are to anchor us to the universe through their integral, truthful universal forms, their sacred geometries. This DNA like pattern generates and contains the very essence of the village growth, it is self monitoring and responds to the creative inputs of its inhabitants. The Community D.N.A. should continually guide like a singing bowl which resonates or a self exciting transistor. It is not a master plan. It is a pattern of instructions and connections. These connections carry the sensory response of the organism and the instructions are designed to support healthy change springing from the needs of the whole. Density, centers, foci, etc., are not imposed but grow naturally from the continuous flow of energy between the population and their environment.

The settlements complexity is not created from the top down but by billions of bottom up simple individual actions. Our settlements will develop from the sum of these individual actions. Its a process of life and death, not a fixed design. "Cores" or centers will grow naturally from the inhabitants need. Focus will move during the day and seasons depending on the activities. For example in the morning people may congregate in a coffee zone, in the afternoons at a sports area, and in the evening at a concert. Overlaying everything is the nervous system or global invisible electronic net which creates the global virtual community. It is only perceivable through its little hardware nodes - small front ends - and its impact on events, both as a reporter and change element. The import of this net is that our local community and neighbours with whom we converse are spherically positioned around our planet connected through knots of the web which are tied and untied at the speed of light. This net could be considered to be a morphogenetic field as described by Sheldrake or the Noosphere as mentioned by Teilard de Chardin.

"Clearly the problem of man and nature is not one of providing a decorative background for the human play, or even ameliorating the grim city; it is the necessity of sustaining nature as a source of life, milieu, teacher, sanctum, challenge and most of all, of rediscovering nature's corollary of the unknown in the self, the source of meaning." (Ian McHarg?. Design with Nature). We need to make our paths sacred again by reclaiming them and inviting the universe to co-inhabit. The focus of our community is not a place for smog spewing machines, but spaces for life - people places.

GREENWAYS are continuous fingers of the natural flora and fauna with fruit, flower and vegetable gardens that traverse and link. They re-integrate us with nature - a symbiotic relationship - bats in the belfry, snakes in the grass, geckos replace DDT, dancing with dragons, living machines for water and waste clean up. Walking, cycling, roller blading, riding a horse, makes for an interesting, welcoming, and efficient means of transportation. The pedestrian greenways take the shortest path that tends towards a triangular net, interweaving with the circular to spherical net of the service\ways. Every home is connected to both. The Greenways will vary in width - from 3 meters to a kilometer. The greenways are food and plant propagation areas using sustainable permaculture principles that support co-evolution of different species within the same and neighbouring spaces.

The Greenways are :

-urban farm corridors, -quality streets, -living machine water purification streams and wetlands, -orchard paths, -greenhouse paths, -swales, -farm paths, -streets as in Les Enfants du Paradise, -people places, -commons - the village green - land set aside for a refuge a place of communal responsibility and joy. The tree of life maypole place-game streets, -streets as art surfaces, -streets as temples and meditation spaces ,-street theatre, -tree top streets, -theme park streets, magic mountain ride streets, -fantasy ways, -virtual reality experience streets, lovers lanes, -water streets, -canals. The Greenways are both manmade and natural living machines, a place to clean up both our spiritual self and waste, water, and air. A manmade "living machine is a device made up of living organisms of all types and usually housed within a casing or structure made of extremely lightweight materials. Like a conventional machine, it is comprised of interrelated parts that function together in the performance of some type of work. Living machines can be designed to produce food or fuels, treat wastes, purify air, regulate climates or even to do all of these simultaneously. They are designed along principles evolved in the natural world in building and regulation its great ecologies of forests, lakes, prairies, and estuaries. Their primary energy source is sunlight. Like the planet, living machines have hydrological and mineral cycles." (John and Nancy Todd). From Eco Cities to Living Machines. N. Atlantic Books Berkely 94

As we walk along the Greenway we sometimes glimpse a home amongst the gardens, then ahead I notice that the Greenway narrows and enters a glasshouse. I continue walking in and find myself in a fertile plant filled environment with people playing, sitting on balconies, feeding fish, riding bikes, swimming in a long lake and rowing in the canal which runs as far as I can see. A group of children are picking fruit with their guide and others are preparing pie shells outside the bakery. They tell me they are using wheat flour which was ground at the windmill that I see in the distance. As I walk up the hill, I open the canal lock gates for a small group of people who seem to be studying hydraulics by towing models from their raft and am surprised by some scuba divers surfacing with plant samples. A moving shadow makes me look up and through the glass roof I see a flock of hang gliders following a pterodactyl model which seems to wake up the realistic computer controlled dinosaur on the island in the lake.

Hearing music and seeing an open door - the signal that people are welcome to enter - I enter a garden off the main Greenway path and find hundreds of tubular bells being played by children in John Gibbons Bell Garden. John is sitting on a very large quartz crystal describing harmonic relationships between crystal geometry and music. Returning to the Greenway, a group of formation rollerbladers go by in electronic costumes and above a formation of kites are dancing. Tomorrow is the solstice parade through the village and various groups are preparing performances, I see costumes being made, hear many types of music and smell the cinnamon of the solstice cakes being baked.

Leaving the glasshouse I find myself in a very wide green belt - a huge park with deer, sheep and various trees, it seemed to be sort of botanical garden combined with sports. There is windsurfing, and log rolling on the water purification lake. Around a kiva and fire pit they are story telling and making popcorn. During my walk I also see, grass skiing, log rolling, a tug of war, chess games, ice skating, people building a rope bridge and houses, families climbing fake rock walls and in the distance snow boarding and skiing. I rode a motorised skateboard/scooter part of the way and used my TV/computer/phone to call for a driverless electric vehicle to visit the mews industries. The closest one was paged and arrived within a couple of minutes.

The Greenways with their orchards, greenhouses and aquaculture are the main food producing element where plant growth for food and raw materials provides a nourishing environment through which to walk. Be as self sufficient as possible in your village, grow your own food, use permaculture principles for plant production, close the cycles, compost to enrich your soil. Use glasshouses and aquaculture where applicable. Integrate biological water purification, fish farms and artificial wetlands as part of the growing systems, both for food and biomass fuel and product. Kenaf and hemp are both important crops that will replace trees for paper making and other products. Leaf concentrate simply made from the leaves of hundreds of different plants is a highly nutritious food made from fresh green leaves. These can include commercially grown crops such as alfafa, pea or bean leaves or a wide variety of "wild" crops such as nettles. LEAFU or leaf curd is highly efficient in terms of energy use and in quantity of protein produced per acre.

Dining out also can be a social act making up for the isolation of many homes. Look at it all. All homes are provided with extra spaces and individuals can open part of their house to make community tea rooms, fresh fruit juice gardens, bakeries, restaurants, dining spaces as part of their house and work.


In 1896 there were only 4 cars in the U.S.A., they have already taken over the heart and ways of our settlements. If we were to insist in letting this metal idol run through our living rooms it would need to become a sacred chariot. I suggest that we shift the mechanics of living to the realms of the furies. Let technology serve us but not empower it to make us its slaves. Instead of people going to the service, service comes to the people. Delivery of people and goods to and from home requires transport and delivery arteries to complete the cycles. Trend to doing more with less, trend toward invisibility and lighter living reduce the amount of product actually carried. These ways can be on ground, above ground or below ground.

There is no need for these service ways to be big. If well utilised they can be more like pipelines than roadways. Deliveries can be by small, silent and non polluting solar electric golf cart type vehicles, driven or guided by buried cables (existing industrial technology). These vehicles, combined with instant computer despatching enable inhabitants to have rapid home delivery of food, production supplies, laundry, and a wide variety of other goods and services:- pizza, post office, UPS, DHL, FED X, ambulance, Disneyland ride, recycling truck, bus and taxi all combined.

Cargo containers, similar to those used by airlines, will simplify freight transport and the vehicle bodies can be rapidly changed between people movers, trash, liquid, hot food, refrigerated, and recycling modes. The vehicles can go inside buildings. They can go through production areas, TV studios, and provide transport through theme parks or virtual reality spaces. The same arteries are also used to move finished, partly finished goods and recylables. Solar arrays on the roofs of the workshops which are nestled around the service routes generate power for recharging the vehicles whilst loading or awaiting their next assignment. For safety electric car routes are separate from and either bridge over or under Greenways.

We call the service way to the homes a Mews. after the service ways behind English town houses where the horses were stabled and the grooms housed [1]. The formal house entrance was on the front or park side. As the service vehicles move from the small mews to the more major arteries they will travel faster and come increasingly under computer control, guided automatically to their destination, dropping off into the local mews as requested. The guidance cables set in the roadway enable vehicles to chain together with maximum control and efficiency. It is not a centralised system with "stations" which produce artificial peaks and vacuums in our existing settlements. Its direct service, from provider to the needed. It is a distributed system enabling one to join or leave locally as desired. There will be interfaces between existing auto, air, rail and shipping systems and the new decentralised small vehicle network, which will provide easy, convenient change over from one system to another. The vehicles shall have embedded intelligence. Computer technology can be seen as evolving by slow migration of problem - solving skills from the human body to formal systems, and in turn from those to electro-mechanical devices. Studies of traffic as a continuous fluid reveal that flows owe their coherence to the drivers psychological reaction to proximity to other vehicles. At low vehicular concentration we have a regime of short trains of cars at short distance with large distances between platoons all governed by drivers desired speed. On the other hand, as the concentration of vehicles reaches a critical threshold, the fluid switches to another regime, a collective fow in which each car moves at a speed totally restrained by its neighbours. If we embed mechanical intelligence into the non-linear dynamical system formed by motorised vehicles in a neural net bottom up synthetic road...NOT in a symbolic top down analytical route. The dynamics of the traffic system itself will be made part of the decision making process and allow the environment to contribute to the solution of the traffic problem. Here we can learn from the self organisation of insect societies. Embedding computers in the cars so that they can "attract" one another with varying strength may lead to the emergence of "swarm" intelligence in the traffic flow. What is needed is a traffic system that learns? Ideally the whole vehicle/roadway/traffic signal system should become an emergent optimiser.

An O P E N DOOR from the Greenway is a sign to passers by that they are welcome to enter your home and garden. For example - a lay teacher may have a home, garden and workspace developed as a teaching tool and passing children (and adults) can join in when they wish. - A cook may open a bakery and restaurant - a botanist - a greenhouse - a gymnast, a gym - a painter, a studio - a ceramist, a kiln - an actor, a theater- a midwife, a birthing space - a poet, a coffee house - a gourmet, a restaurant - a photographer, a studio- swimmer, a pool - historian, a collection - musician, a recital room - storekeeper, a shop house - a facilitator, a meeting place - a priest, a chapel - a guru, an ashram.

Open our doors and windows to bring our SCHOOLING; FOOD; CREATION and PRODUCTION back home. Homes contain workshops or studio spaces, connected by room service electric vehicle and electronic network so the whole community can be considered one flexible" manufacturing" facility - an integrated and responsive organism. It really is a distributed "factory". The house and space around it are considered and designed as one. The various spaces and structures all contributing to the health of home and the community. The home is the focus of the community and includes work, learning and other activity spaces. At the same time we shape our dwellings we are being shaped by them. The dwellings will also tend toward biological, field, transforming, dynamic, integrated, pulsing forms. Our dwelling does not finish at its walls, it is contiguous with its surroundings, garden, mews, greenway and the whole village. Its walls only define more privacy within our whole environment. Departure from the house is entry into the surroundings, you leave the surroundings to enter the house. Design it all together, the spaces and paths between, the spaces within and without, create them all with joy and magic whilst providing yourself - the in habitant and the ex habitants - with a place of deep health. Every person and place is special. Small can be beautiful. Dwellings can be of diverse designs with a strong emphasis on the sacred and personal and are often co-created and constructed with the inhabitants with forms ranging from the crystalline to free flowing Gaudi type structures. Sustainability is the deciding factor in construction with the necessity to close the cycle either by allowing adobe type materials to come from and go back directly into the earth or the global recipes of materials such stainless steel and aluminium to be returned for remanufacturing into ever more efficient a product, doing more with less each time around.

Remember your home is a tool: -a service to support you in your own path. So we may see houses, walls, mews and services of diverse forms and densities, constructed from a great variety of materials including recycled trash, straw bales, bamboo, stone, earth, tensile skins and stainless steel. Buildings and technologies from different historic times and cultures will also be mixed. The house is only a small part of the global village structure, more a box connected to many service lines. As our technology becomes more homogenous with nature and bio engineering becomes more natural the buildings are minimally differentiated from their natural surroundings and may integrate symbiotic flora and fauna, much as our body integrates many micro organisms. The house is also a living machine.

Harvests energy for your use, Grows your food, Collects, purifies and recycles water, Recycles your wastes, Adapts to your changing needs for space and function, Empowers you with tools for self-education and creative action, Provides a safe, stimulating environment, Enriches soil and ecological diversity, In its manufacture, consumes fewer resources than existing housing, Can be adapted for local cottage industry production or industrial mass production, Can be delivered by airship or surface transport, Leaves no concrete scar if removed, Dismantles for recycling when technically obsolete, and Costs less than convential housing!

"I think that we should investigate the possibilities of making the dwelling a net producer --- that would make an interesting turn from the normal energy drain concept of housing and all its implications." (1979 Dan Kimball, Dwellnet member).


GLOMADS- global nomads "All things considered there are only two kinds of men in the world - those who stay at home and those that do not." (Kipling).

Nomos is Greek for 'pasture', and 'the Nomad' is a chief or clan elder who presides over the allocation of pastures. Nomos thus came to mean 'law', fair distribution, that which is allotted by custom - and so the basis` of all Western Law.


Keith Critchlow said we need "to take the illusions of separateness that are the most insistent aspects of physical existence and through objective study learn the underlying principles to give rise to the quality we call understanding. To "give substance" to something to "substantiate it" means in some way to verify that thing even more so it "appeared "before. Substance literally analysed means "standing under" a manifestation - in other words understanding gives substance or substantiates the units of both the object in question and its role in the scheme of things. Understanding is clearly different from knowledge.

We must know the whole play to properly act out our parts. The universe is our whole village; we need to learn from it how to live with it in a co-creative manner. We are understanders.


Everyday living in deeply designed home and village self educational structure will enable the underlying process of the Universe to be sensed, eliminating separation and providing an everyday connection with the sacred. Surround yourself with truth and the sacred as learning becomes integral to living. "It takes a whole village to educate a single child." (African Proverb) Villages shall be schools, knowledge should be integral and revealed throughout the village. Teachers will be accessible, and facilities for learning such as labs, studios and workshops will be provided in teachers homes which will have extra space for student visitors. Remember an open door from the greenway signals your welcome. Learning is through living as was the case of the traditional village. There, you learnt naturally as a child from the farmer, weaver, story teller, dancer, baker and blacksmith whilst living in the village. As we re-integrate the story into our lives at every level the village will again contain, be created by and be the place of story telling. Self learning will be reinforced by the advent of do it yourself video, CD-Rom and other new communication technologies. Technology is increasingly useless without the imagination and the creative artists will reclaim their position as guide. Education from the inside out; Head, hands and heart. is the motto of the Waldorf schools.


WORK is the leverage of human knowledge - all derived from experience with our environment - applied to the planets resources, we believe we do it in order to support the human body in its earthly existence. Experience can only grow. Wealth, increases only and always with use. The harnessing factor - the activity which "valves" the mass-energy of the universe to human advantage is inventive wisdom.

Originally work was mostly dedicated to food gathering, preparation and ritual with a small percentage to shelter and fire. Now we think we need many more items and services and correspondingly increase our sweep-out to include the processing of global resources which we re-process/re-pattern into things and tools. These in turn cause us to interact even more globally although due to perceived complexity and time demands they often alienate us from our planet. We feel a deep urge to control and organise, never realising that the only reason we are doing this is to discover our universe and its operating principles.

Gaia is teaching us about her environment so we can better work with her, not aginst her. As Bucky said about the bees. They are given a drive to collect honey and only inadvertently do their real task which is to pollinate the plants. He said money is to humans as honey is to bees and our drive to get it causes us to inadvertently learn about our universe, through the speed of light globally responsive systems, which we created and will enable us to work in true symbioses with our planet.

TECHNOLOGY is the visible and invisible body of knowledge discovered by all of mankind during its search to understand our universe. It is but our externalised and extended body, mind and senses. Instead of trying to disown this greater body of ours, we will now claim it as our wholistic self and change our relationship to it which we call work. Too often we have allowed ourselves to become a slave of our externalised body. We trade our lifetime for money. As industrialisation - our externalised self - evolves its self monitoring and automatic operation allows it to serve us and we are freed for what is our real work.


our real work is to BRING OUR MIND HOME.

Our industrialist/cubist viewpoint tended to consider nature as something to be controlled and dominated. Now we are seeing the next part of our path which obviously requires a re-integration with our planet....During this cycle we will design for deep success with the knowledge that all is transforming energy patterns. We will use the minimum of resources, be connected, be whole, bring our minds home.



TELECOMMUTING: the art of letting your work travel digitally rather than your body physically. Real remote control computer - supported co-operative work enables people using virtual reality technology in remote locations to interact with each other and control equipment in a "factory" thousands of miles away. You may able able to work from wherever you are. Industries are not heavy; they do more with less and follow the trend toward invisibility.

NO MORE MINING. As efficiency and recycling increase basic materials processing requires less and less mining as the recycled materials are above ground and already semi processed. Other trends towards ephemeralisation reduce the need for bulk and weight. Nomad or settled individuals can have complete phone/fax/computer connection wherever they are. Again the nomad will be re-empowered after many centuries of being dominated by the fixed city dweller.

THE VILLAGE STORE is just what its name implies. Every seed, home refrigerator, closet, pantry, orchard and garden is part of it, a distributed store. Where have the warehouses, stores and middle management gone? J I T - Just In Time let them go. Real time computer inventory control has greatly reduced the actual movement of goods, machinery, etc. by eliminating storage.

As you shop the bar code reader informs production machinery of your interest and gears production to demand without the assistance of humans. Instant self monitoring feedback is eliminating humans as production slaves. Goods in storage usually accrue costs and are non productive capital. A store is a waystation in the delivery of goods to the consumer. Which can now be eliminated by home delivery from TV shopping, or catalogue.

(sehr interessanter Selbstwiderspruch)

IS IT ADVERTISING OR MERCHANDISING? With Interactive ads. the customer is targeted, a response solicited, an order taken, entered and fulfilled. This gets us closer to product as an information gatherer. Demographic mailing lists connected with shopping on the information highway suggest that the product may turn out to be just an excuse to collect information on potential customers.

There is a lot of change going on here, a disillusion with life through consumption, the international Levi's, Marlboro or McDonald? tribes are successful because they serve to satisfy a deep and natural desire of the young to be part of the global and not national, separate, or classified.

Ownership is ownerous (very difficult). Does he or she with the most toys win? Humans are more than consumers. We are a precious resource. Within the home and our lives conscious choices regarding what we really need can limit the amount of junk that we collect and maintain.

DESIGNING TO DO MORE WITH LESS reduces our waste of energy use, as well as the size and weight of many items. Sharing resources and online service reduces the need to own and store. If you must have it, save our planets resources by purchasing the virtual product rather than the actual. Go on a shopping trip with A.T&T in 3D Virtual Reality. Shop around the clock in the virtual shopping mall where you can walk down the street enter the store, try on clothes and change fabrics or colors.

We have work to do to give all citizens of our planet access to health, knowledge, education, freedom, food, shelter and well being. In a two way street- those who have the material search for soul food. Those who are denied, look towards the material. Until recently this was very much an east and west split, but with the rapid industrialisation of Asia we are beginning to see the marriage of Buddist, Hindu and other philosophies with material goods. Technically we can and will give every person on this planet access to much more than the basics of life.

Wait, you say, what about jobs and the fun of bargaining and the social values of shopping. Is shopping now mainly a social activity? Well lets look at these needs and design our village in a more human way. I suggest farmers markets, swap meets, thrift stores, garage sales, computer and actual bulletin boards, classified advertising, the whole village can become the store and social meeting place.

RE STORE: Museums as depository of things will phase out and face out to become a living part of our environment. Exploratoriums, living history events and places providing direct experience will become the norm. Live the life of an Inuit, or a stone age family, be a pharaoh for a day, bake bread the way your grandmother did, till the field as a traditional rice farmer, harvest wheat with a scythe, build your own tipi, canoe, kiva, sweat lodge, travel to a space colony, re-enact the Vietnam war, feel what its like to be an ant. Virtual museums, interactive media will play a big role. Bring it back to the streets. Natural, cultural, historic, ecological, geological and other exhibits are similarly not locked in museums but labelled or placed throughout the village, marking and holding points of power.


Unlock art and let it be free. Bring it back to the streets. Theater, dance, music and sculpture in the streets. Art, creates, marks and holds points of power throughout the village.


Most facilities are decentralised and distributed throughout the community and most are an extension of homes.... but...... Certain specialized zones are sure to grow - certain homes will become known for theater, botany, fireworks, swimming etc. and extra facilities catering for this demand will grow naturally. Centralised only in as much as some places will have extraordinary characteristics and some people will make an attractive field with their creations, reputations and skills. Large outdoor spaces are provided in the greenways. Sometimes large groups or big activities need a weather protected space, these larger covered spaces should be constructed for flexibility and rapid, responsive change of use. With scheduling this will enable the same space to be used for sports events, ice skating, concerts, exhibitions, gatherings, film studios etc. In some cases tents will be suitable. Center Pompidou, Paris is a good example of a service space in a city. Even its architecture expresses that it is no more than services for the external and internal surrounding volumes. It services 20-40,000 visitors a day.

HEALTH: The ultimate purpose of Global Village is health and it exists to help us live 100% of our potential. "There is no disease of the body apart from the mind." (Socrates).

It is a safe place-
It is a peaceful, healthy place,
a place of growth,
both personal and ecological,
It is an active place,
a place to experience,
a place for experiment,
It is a place of learning,
It is a joyful place..