Tony Gwilliam





Architect, living in Ohai conceptualizing GlobalVillages.

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For many years Tony was part of the bloolagoon holiday village

"FAR FROM BORING. Book in a box."

I have just created a rather unusual small book in a box, an amalgam of personal art /object and book. It may well be a forerunner of non conventional personal books, created by ordinary Earthians from their individual viewpoint with their own personal resources, now made possible by digital technologies. It is a book that I hope will empower others to value their own unique life experience and give them confidence to just do it, to follow their own bliss as Joseph Campbell would recommend.

Far from Boring is very much focused on friends and myself, the main character who created Bloo Lagoon Eco Village, and is an exploration into the process of creation. We all create a life somehow, and the influences on our lives are vast and often unseen. This ensemble tries to be aware and honest about how things may have come about, and may be an example to others. After all, it is no longer only the individual mind and genius that is responsible for creation, it is becoming obvious that we focus many influences and our cultural attitude can either ignore, accept or divert the forces that come our way. This book summarises my life and works and my relationship to the universe. Being an architect and living in Bali I had the knowledge to be able to synergise the high tech of computers and digital photographs with hand made village box making and hand binding to create this unique work.

Tony S. Gwilliam

The author, Tony Sutherland Gwilliam, was born in 1938 in Nottingham, UK. He qualified as an architect from Nottingham School of Architecture and taught at the Architectural Association in London. Travelled and worked around the planet. Studied and worked with R. Buckminster Fuller. Presently lives in Bloo Lagoon in Bali and Carpinteria, California.

Being asked countless times “where did Bloo Lagoon Village come from?” led the author to try to make sense of his personal journey, planetary ecology and relationship to Universe. The story begins with the beginnings of time and travels through his childhood war years, the Festival of Britain in 1951, architectural education, and the discovery of three dimensional geometry, travels to the USA to join Buckminster Fuller and to Mexico to work on school building; a lecture tour in Australia and inflatable structures, returning overland from Australia to London where he again taught at the Architectural Association and created Mantainer, a suitcase for living. After taking a trip to China he returned to the USA to work with Bucky on the Now House and Dwelling Design Network. In Ojai he founded Tensegrity International and T House, and returned to Bali to build the Bloo Lagoon Eco Village. It is a personal story illustrated with many drawings and snapshots of the places, friends and events that contributed to it. It is a work of art resembling a book, and is created to be handled, perused and enjoyed.