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Ein Globales Dorfkonzept von TonyGwilliam.

A concept of Global Villages by TonyGwilliam

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Our main focus will be the potential of information networks to redefine the way we live, work, think and interact in the countryside and between city and countryside.

"Settlement patterns will tend towards spherical, biological, organic fields, radial not lineal cubic entities. We will remove barriers to assist flow between previously considered separate entities, promoting cyclic, synergetic relationships, co-existence, and more sharing. Boundaries, barriers and limits will pulse, be softer, more pervious, fewer and more fluid encouraging richness and diversity.
The globally linked diverse settlement strands will share, to 'do more with less' and have a symbiotic relationship with other Earth systems forming a responsive NETWORK, not a centralised structure.
As technology more closely emulates living systems, nature and technology will integrate and not be easily separable.
The resulting revelation of the underlying process through deep design will be sensed through everyday living in such a settlement. The self educational structure of place will cause a de-mystification and form an everyday connection with the sacred."

The Greenways
I start with the field pattern - the green connectors- then add the other elements. I am proposing that the links between become cosmic pathways and the dwellings and all structures are to anchor us to the universe through their integral, truthful universal forms, their sacred geometries. This DNA like pattern generates and contains the very essence of the village growth, it is self monitoring and responds to the creative inputs of its inhabitants.
The Community D.N.A. should continually guide like a singing bowl which resonates or a self exciting transistor. It is not a master plan. It is a pattern of instructions and connections.
These connections carry the sensory response of the organism and the instructions are designed to support healthy change springing from the needs of the whole. Density, centers, foci, etc., are not imposed but grow naturally from the continuous flow of energy between the population and their environment.
The settlements complexity is not created from the top down but by billions of bottom up simple individual actions. Our settlements will develop from the sum of these individual actions. Its a process of life and death, not a fixed design.
"Cores" or centers will grow naturally from the inhabitants need. Focus will move during the day and seasons depending on the activities. For example in the morning people may congregate in a coffee zone, in the afternoons at a sports area, and in the evening at a concert. Overlaying everything is the nervous system or global invisible electronic net which creates the global virtual community. It is only perceivable through its little hardware nodes - small front ends - and its impact on events, both as a reporter and change element. The import of this net is that our local community and neighbours with whom we converse are spherically positioned around our planet connected through knots of the web which are tied and untied at the speed of light. This net could be considered to be a morphogenetic field as described by Sheldrake or the Noosphere as mentioned by Teilard de Chardin.
"Clearly the problem of man and nature is not one of providing a decorative background for the human play, or even ameliorating the grim city; it is the necessity of sustaining nature as a source of life, milieu, teacher, sanctum, challenge and most of all, of rediscovering nature's corollary of the unknown in the self, the source of meaning." (Ian Mc Harg. Design with Nature).
We need to make our paths sacred again by reclaiming them and inviting the universe to co-inhabit. The focus of our community is not a place for smog spewing machines, but spaces for life - people places.
GREENWAYS are continuous fingers of the natural flora and fauna with fruit, flower and vegetable gardens that traverse and link. They re-integrate us with nature - a symbiotic relationship - bats in the belfry, snakes in the grass, geckos replace DDT, dancing with dragons, living machines for water and waste clean up. Walking, cycling, roller blading, riding a horse, makes for an interesting, welcoming, and efficient means of transportation.
The pedestrian greenways take the shortest path that tends towards a triangular net, interweaving with the circular to spherical net of the service\ways. Every home is connected to both. The Greenways will vary in width - from 3 meters to a kilometer. The greenways are food and plant propagation areas using sustainable permaculture principles that support co-evolution of different species within the same and neighbouring spaces. '' /MoreOnGreenways


In 1896 there were only 4 cars in the U.S.A., they have already taken over the heart and ways of our settlements. If we were to insist in letting this metal idol run through our living rooms it would need to become a sacred chariot. I suggest that we shift the mechanics of living to the realms of the furies. Let technology serve us but not empower it to make us its slaves.
Instead of people going to the service, service comes to the people. Delivery of people and goods to and from home requires transport and delivery arteries to complete the cycles. Trend to doing more with less, trend toward invisibility and lighter living reduce the amount of product actually carried. These ways can be on ground, above ground or below ground. There is no need for these service ways to be big. If well utilised they can be more like pipelines than roadways. Deliveries can be by small, silent and non polluting solar electric golf cart type vehicles, driven or guided by buried cables (existing industrial technology).
These vehicles, combined with instant computer despatching enable inhabitants to have rapid home delivery of food, production supplies, laundry, and a wide variety of other goods and services:- pizza, post office, UPS, DHL, FED X, ambulance, Disneyland ride, recycling truck, bus and taxi all combined. Cargo containers, similar to those used by airlines, will simplify freight transport and the vehicle bodies can be rapidly changed between people movers, trash, liquid, hot food, refrigerated, and recycling modes. The vehicles can go inside buildings. They can go through production areas, TV studios, and provide transport through theme parks or virtual reality spaces. The same arteries are also used to move finished, partly finished goods and recylables.
Solar arrays on the roofs of the workshops which are nestled around the service routes generate power for recharging the vehicles whilst loading or awaiting their next assignment. For safety electric car routes are separate from and either bridge over or under Greenways. We call the service way to the homes a Mews. after the service ways behind English town houses where the horses were stabled and the grooms housed. The formal house entrance was on the front or park side. As the service vehicles move from the small mews to the more major arteries they will travel faster and come increasingly under computer control, guided automatically to their destination, dropping off into the local mews as requested. The guidance cables set in the roadway enable vehicles to chain together with maximum control and efficiency. It is not a centralised system with "stations" which produce artificial peaks and vacuums in our existing settlements. Its direct service, from provider to the needed. It is a distributed system enabling one to join or leave locally as desired. There will be interfaces between existing auto, air, rail and shipping systems and the new decentralised small vehicle network, which will provide easy, convenient change over from one system to another. /MoreOnMews

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