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Performative Pattern Language   
Workshop on Pattern Cards   
Helmut Leitner:   
Betsy Morris group works   
Yaara Manor-Rosner Bedoine Villages in the Negev   
Howard Davis: Pattern languages and the new productive cities   
some criticism of pattern languages in architecture ?   
Some patterns ... A provisional Pattern Language for the New Production Economy   
Pattern Languages 1-4 gemeinsamer Workshop   

Performative Pattern Language    

Wolfgang Stark, Organisational Development Lab and Steibeis Center for Innovation and Sustainable Leadership

Universität Duisburg Essen

Design Patterns originally to increase effectiveness and reduce complexits

Imminent Danger to reduce creativity

80% der Entscheidungen in unserer Gesellschaft werden aufgrund von "Implicit and Experience Based bzw. Tacit Knowledge" getroffen...

Beispiel Kunst, Michelangelo, David

"Art is about creating awareness, not results"

  • Cannot be tought, separated from a person
  • Needs exploration and experimentation
William Forsythe-Solo-Thomas McManus

Say Yes And .... (not "yes but")

Make Others Look Good

Listen and Focus ...

Basic Action Patterns

Synchronizing Patters

Reflection Patterns

Workshop on Pattern Cards    

Helmut Leitner:    

B general concepts - categories
S structural properties
P prossceses
D pattern description

Betsy Morris group works    

some bits
Yaara Manor-Rosner Bedoine Villages in the Negev    


  • Within the Arab Minority there are 2 Bedouine Minorities
  • Research directed towards the south (Some moved through Egypt from the south , some from the north)
  • There are a 125.000 southern Bedoine people who live in unrecognized settlements
  • The other half of the nomadic community that came into Israels territory in the last 1000 years from Saudi Arabia....
  • The ones in the unrecognized settlements are center of research
  • The practical goal is "can we regularize communities, making them formal without destroying the qualities"
  • The research is in tune with gov. politics and preparing masterplanning.
Franz Questions:
  • What are the deep differences between nomadic vs. possedile cultures?
-> careful not to give too many general assumptions about nomadicism. But: there some statements:
    • Nomadic are all the time looking for living resources (water, grazing areas)
    • to have them you need some territory (tribal)
    • the whole relation creation between groups is to create balance between the forces, more options = more people to take care of
    • the basic unit is the family
    • the building of social fabric happens from bottom up (tiny units that are connected in self - organized sytems, fractal vs. hierarchy. The hierarchy might change all the time, it depends on natural and geopolitical factors.
  • We can still see today the ancient patterns, still there are flexible coalitons
  • land ownership structures totally reflect the social structures (fractal parcels, man only possesing, me and my brothers, village related to tribe, territory defined by coalition
  • there is no individual existing. I you are alone, you can be killed and nobody ill pay the price.
  • family relations confined to many invisble social division
basic set of 9 - 10 rules:
  • subdivision of the land according to natural signs and structure of society
  • public areas always close to the main road - private in the village
  • division between public and private is a division between genders
  • and more

David West: "CA at the software designers conference: Only 10 percent are affected by architecture"

Sickinger: Architecture: "building a society which is alive and whole"

Hajo Neiss: "We are more responsible to the building than to the owner"

Helmut Leitner: Mexikali Project: "Everyone of us is a designer"

Till Schümmer:

What is truth ? : "Very deep feeling that this is right"

Howard Davis: Pattern languages and the new productive cities    

Physiker und Elektroniker von der Ausbildung, hat er mit Christopher Alexander an vielen theoretischen und praktischen Projekten teilgenommen.
Einfluss von Henry Glassie (Einfluss der Kultur)
"System A und System B" haben verschiedene Formen der Koexistenz. "Es gibt zwei Arten von Menschen in der Welt: die einen die glauben dass es 2 Arten von Menschen in der Welt gibt und welche die das nicht glauben" (Christopher Alexander)
"No one intellectual system is complete"


  • The Culture of Building
  • Living Over The Store
24.April 2013 Einbruch der Textilfabrik in Savar, Dhaka, Bangla Desh
-> Cities and production in the age of a global production system
  • Globalisation and its influence on cities; has tramnsformed western cities into places of mere consumption
    • Renaiscance of local production is a fascinating theme for architecture
  • The Importance of Things and to Making Things
    • The reality of the physical thing provides authority ...
    • The case of Working with your Honda
  • Urban Ecosystem: direct analogy between Ecosystems and Urban Systems
  • There is enough social change already happening
-> a new pattern language for urban production and manufacturing

some criticism of pattern languages in architecture ?    

overly nostalgic ?

  • criticism is rooted in the illustrations in the "pattern language"which represent an unobtainable past
divorced from modern thought ?

  • example courtyard, Argument verpast
not - science ?

  • APL contains provoquative statments, some based on scientific evidence some not
  • part of the brilliance of APL is that it allows for different patterns to exist at different stages of the scientific process
    • hints * conjectures * hypotheses * experiments and observations* provisional
acultural and ahistorical ?

"different cultures may not have the same languages" "cultural differences between patterns means each culture has its own version of the pattern"

Some patterns ... A provisional Pattern Language for the New Production Economy    

Many patterns have never existed before ... some have existed before

Old assumptions go away, for example zoning that separates indusrial from residential neighborhood

Europe represents some of the Zoning Revolution in the United States

New Work Detroit

Rural Areas

Pattern Languages 1-4 gemeinsamer Workshop    

NumberObject of DesignArt of DesignPurposeOrientation
3.0Human ActionEmbedded in Actions over timeConnecting people with Different experencesSelf Making and Learning in Action
2.0Non Physical FormCarried out in IterationsBridging Gap betwen Experts and Non Expertstowards efficiency and accuracy
1.0Physical FormCarried out in a PeriodBridging Gap betwen Developers and Userstowards Practise of Design