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Minciu Sodas means "Orchard Of Thoughts" in Lithuanian and has developed in the recent 9 years to a multifold reality:

1. Minciu Sodas is a social enterprise for serving and organizing independent thinkers. We meet their needs with a variety of services including free services.

2. Minciu Sodas is a growing worldwide online and cultural community with 100 active and 1,500 supportive participants. Our investigators lead our work at a dozen working groups and many other online venues.

3. Minciu Sodas is a private business owned and directed by AndriusKulikauskas which organizes individuals and teams for our clients who value self directed workers.

4. Minciu Sodas is a research laboratory which nurtures personal investigations - with the perspective of becoming a complement to the existing higher education system.

5. Minciu Sodas is a system of online workspaces which encourage us to work openly and think out loud so that the process and results of our personal growth might serve us all as public assets.

6. Minciu Sodas is a vision which founder AndriusKulikauskas shares with all who wish to create a culture that ever focuses our attention on marginalized individuals and groups.

There are two more traits maybe not as broadly shared that are also essential for the founder and open for those who wish to participate:

7. Minciu Sodas is an evolving structure for making absolute truth tangible, sharable and fruitful for all who participate.

8. Minciu Sodas is a proposal to God for a partnership to find an arrangement of human affairs which might also work for God'sAffairs.

What is the Role of Minciu Sodas in the MIR Project ?

Minciu Sodas participation in MIR will focus on the contribution of travelling self-learners to local development and the fact that this might be a new way of adult education. We believe that IT fosters a modern nomadic lifestyle for a minority that can be made extremely useful for the learning and growth of many and even the necessary dialogue between cultures.

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