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GIVE - Research Lab for Life in the Global Villages, is based in Vienna, Austria. GIVE is an acronym for Globally Integrated Village Environment

GIVE (Globally Integrated Village Environment) is incorporated as a VOLUNTARY RESEARCH ASSOCIATION under Austrian law - active since 1992 but formally independently founded in 1998 - and was previously a department of the Center for Social Innovation, Vienna. We have been active in several EU projects but mostly in local events and activities. As a transdisciplinary catalyst organisation, we work for example as organizer of conferences and meetings.

GIVE is acting as a catalyst "bootstrap" organisation for social innovations possible, desireable and facilitated by the potential of telecommunication and information technology to strengthen the quality of marginalized living spaces. We see telecommunication technology as a powerful means to enhance the ability of communities around the globe to share and build the local knowledge base for the improvement of whatever they choose as their values and goals in local development.

In a time when fewer and fewer productive industries supply the global markets with the full range of industrial basic goods, we have to understand that it is not feasible any more to focus on exporting values, lifestyles, commodities and ideologies to survive. Rather than that one builds their own microcosm by combining the best and suitable buildings blocks available in the shared realm of knowledge and experiences of humanity. Networking of such places will create wealth and growth superior to what the industrial age has delivered.

GIVE has created two major events: the "Global Village" Conference and Exhibition in the Vienna City Hall, and the "Cultural Heritage in the Global Village" event in the Vienna Museum of Modern Arts,Vienna (EU presidency event 1998). It has produced research on Telecenters and Telework and empowered locations and also a film about the "monastery of the future"

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GIVE Jedleseer Strasse 75 A-1210 Wien


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