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  • LIFE Lines
  • The Newsletter of Learning is For Everyone, Inc.
  • http://www.LIFEofFlorida.org
  • Call for Contributions for Winter 2005 Issue
  • LIFE Lines, the quarterly newsletter of Learning is For Everyone, Inc.,
  • is being republished with a new look, and seeks quality contributions
  • from families, learners and the education sector. LIFE Inc. is an
  • education resource organization supporting family choice in learning.
  • We explore all facets of knowledge, education, and learning across a
  • broad spectrum of related interests, including IT; bridging the digital
  • divide; lifelong learning; alternative education including but not
  • limited to home education; democratic schools, community schools,
  • apprenticeships, and vocational education; multiple intelligence;
  • experiential education; library science and more.
  • We also welcome youth contributions, experiences and insights;
  • artwork; "how-tos"; commentary and opinions (clearly identified as
  • such). Please review our Submission Guidelines. We cannot include all
  • contributions in every issue, but will be sure to communicate editorial
  • decisions to contributors. The newsletter is published quarterly, with
  • Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall issues. Deadlines for contributions
  • are the 3rd Fridays of December, March, June, and September.
> LIFE Lines Submissions Guidelines

  • DO try to keep articles at around 500 words.
  • DO include a brief bio if you submit an article.
  • DO include contact information.
  • DO write with your audience in mind, always considering that what may
  • seem very familiar to you may be completely foreign to someone else. So
  • spell things out (define acronyms), briefly explain theories and so
  • forth.
  • DO keep your work issues-based. We will not accept any contributions
  • that are vitriolic or that make personal attacks on anyone or
  • anything. Back up your opinions with references and resources. LIFE
  • Lines readers are presumed to be able to draw their own conclusions,
  • but must be provided with comprehensive background and information in
  • order to do so.
  • DO write with a positive attitude and language.
  • DO be sure to always include information on where readers can learn
  • more about something, and try to include appropriate and sufficient
  • references as needed.
  • DO write with humor, maturity and sincerity.
  • DO be very, very patient with your volunteer newsletter staff! This is
  • a work in progress, and like wine and cheese, it will get better with
  • age.
  • DON'T advertise for anything commercial. You may give your opinion on
  • a product, theory, curricula, etc., but do not actively endorse any
  • commercial product. Instead, give readers a place to go for more
  • information. This is an ethical issue for LIFE, Inc. We do not tell
  • families what they should do -- we present information and empower
  • families to decide for themselves.
  • DON'T try to use LIFE Lines for your personal sounding board. Our
  • mission is to inform, support and inspire. Yours should be, too.
  • DON'T include too much personal information if you value your privacy.
  • Remember this is also going out on the Internet and NOTHING on the
  • Internet is private.
  • If you're submitting children's work, *DO NOT* include their photos,
  • full names, addresses, phone numbers or even contact info. You may use
  • your own email for a contact address if you'd like. Just give your
  • child's first name, and the general area you're in.
  • DON'T be afraid to contact LIFE Inc. at info@lifeofflorida.org if you
  • have any questions. :-)
  • Please share this freely with anyone you think might be interested in
  • contributing!
  • Kindest regards,
  • Terri Willingham
  • Editor, LIFE Lines
  • www.LIFEofFlorida?.org
  • info@LIFEofFlorida?.org