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OurCulture ist nicht erreichbar, deswegen die englische Information hier. Deutsche Übersetzung folgt. Pamela ist eine mögliche Kontaktperson für eine Projektzusammenarbeit nach Afrika / Nigeria. MAIL pam (AT) cawd.net.

PamelaMcLean lives and works most of the time in London (SE London, Beckenham) as a teacher and trainer. She is tighly connected to the organisation CAWD (CawdNet, Charity for African Welfare and Development) which engages in Afrika, especially in Nigeria. Until 2006 Pamela was seven times to Nigeria. Pamela participates in an number of MS mailing-lists and is very much in need for IT / e-learning to better transfer knowledge and come out of her situation as an information bottleneck. Pamela "is struggling" to set up appropriate "information cupboards".

HelmutLeitner: recently I got to know PamelaMcLean and her organisation CawdNet by long skype sessions. I think it important to share some of the information here and in DorfWiki:InternationaleProjekte/KontaktAfrika (German). In the current structure it is nt entirely clear where to put the various parts of information for sustainable use. Therefore I'll put the here for later distribution: There will be the need for personal and cultural information about Afrika and Nigeria.

One of primary interests: the Teacher Talking program (TT) has not yet been covered.


  • "social vitamins" - the number of times someone smiles at you or greets you by name ...
    • "this is something I try to get my African friends to understand ... of course I do not want them to suffer the hardships that poverty brings - but I do not want them to loose their social vitamins for the sake of consumer goods etc either"

People connected to Afrika:

Organisations connected to Afrika: Organisations in Afrika:
  • Fantsuam Foundation (FF; local contact:JohnDada?; London: PamelaMcLean), located in the rail-town Kafanchan (local name: Fantsuam), located in Bayan Loco (part of Fantsuam)

Organisations connected to Afrika:

Cultural information:
  • WikiPedia:Nigeria and DeWikiPedia:Nigeria
  • three main languages
    • language "Hausa" (everyone speaks it, especially Central and North Nigeria)
      • an important word: "Sannu" (sound of smile, to communicate positive feeling, used all the time)
        • if you go to the house of soemone who is bereaved you will just sit with them quietly and every now and again everyone will just say "Sannu" to each other....
    • language "Yoruab"
      • contains lot of greatings starting "Ek..." (it's good to sit here, it's good to be with you, it's good to sit down, ...)
CawdNet / CAWD

CAWD (Charity for African Welfare and Development, http://www.cawd.info) is a charity organisation working from London mainly to Nigeria. It was founded by the late Peter Adetunji Oyawale and somehow inherited by PamelaMcClean?. The main contact in Nigeria is JohnDada? (FF, Fantsuam Foundation).

These locations in Nigeria have been mentioned in communciation:

  • in the Oyo state:
    • Ago-Are, a town (7-10.000; SW Nigeria; in Yorubaland), two secondary schools
      • secondary schols BAYELSA (hundreds of pupils)
      • story: in Ago-Are you need to take an Akada - a motor cycle taxi - not because it is too far to walk - but because if you don't you will have to stop to greet so many people the walk will take a very long time.
    • Isseyin
    • Okeho
  • in the Kaduna state (North Central Nigeria)
    • Fantsuam (Kafanchan), a railway town
      • FF (Fantsuam Foundation; John Dada) operates from there
        • nine chieftaincies are supported