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Mission Statement 2011







What is a Global Villages Network ?

Global Villages Network is a network of people that think something called GlobalVillages is desireable and possible and they want to work for it.

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Global Villages stems from the idea of a positive exchange of energy between the city and the village, the idea of a dyadic world where each side profits enormously from the counterpart.

so Global Villages are not a blueprint for all human settlements, but a specific and sustainable counterpart of cities.

The core idea is promoting a new economic logic of extending or creating kinds of "household economies" to whole villages - and have those empowered villages cooperate globally.

(mainly and primarily through the unlimited exchange of information)

The purpose of this global cooperation is primarily the improvement of a local cooperative lifebase.

But the secondary effects of this aggregated community zones on global wellbeing (climate, biodiversity, health, peace) will be enormous.

"Changing the World, one Village at a time".

The cities (wich equals to "business world") role is to become support centers by providing tools and technologies of many kinds. Thus they would thrive, at the same time many people not really needed in this process now would have the real option to emigrate from the cities.

modern production and automation is constantly eliminating jobs, more than are being created.

Other than the current unilateral race for economic success on the world market that increasingly destroys the beauty and success of the human endavour as a whole, its a bilateral system of checks and balances. Its a choice, a real choice: between fast and slow pace. Between big and small. Between aggressive and symbiotic. Slowly it will also mitigate the cities competitive spirit.

Cities and Companies could thrive by "support economy".

But overall, its one logical system of synergy that could work and transform the existing one. No revolution needed, just an effort of a foreseeing minority plus a clever deal with the powers to be - to create complementing extensions and adaptions to what we have now.

Thats how the successful changes in history have always worked.

And we can start building these extensions today. We have tools and technology to make village life equivalent to cities, despite their big conceptual differences.

Yet very little effort goes to the conceptualisation of this new cooperative villages and villages networks. We want to change that in many ways.

Calling for network building by shared purpose and shared activities.

The change starts with the perception of possibilities, with education. Connecting villages to each other means first and foremost establishing a new educational backbone. Call it virtual university, virtual academy or whatever. Local community centers pepared for synchronous linkups, streaming, sharing, learning.

Everything starts by the perception of the potential which comes out of knowledge and its implantation in design. This is of course targeted knowledge, the knowledge to combine and weave our abilities into a beautiful local cycle of support, fueled by the worlds best answers to all the questions we have.

the network is about finding problem - solving patterns, creating more and more stories of transformation, and sharing them by effective communication.

We have a lot of *tools* to make this happen, in particular deep ecological insight, flexible automation, new materials and incredible communication technology that allows for the sharing of any new discovery out of research and experimentation, thus making the villages a living global university of life.

Like any university, there are faculites, departments, study groups, labs .... spread around the globe and embedded within human settlements who are the primary object of improvement.

We have all the *need* to make it happen, a global crisis of resources and procedures, a common feeling of an imminent collapse of the capital/power system that is simply deepened by procrastination and denial, by illusions, allegations and agressions, by spectacle and sensation, maybe also by intentional strategies of power elites that we simply dont know in detail but feel by outcome.

But there is more than enough proof that the good-willing majority could prevail. There needs to be a point where we can start to truly work together. And that point is the web of local transitions that follow the logic of win - win.

And we have the *scale* to make it happen: the village scale, the neighborhood scale, the community scale. We feel that a massive convergence of knowledge can allow us to transform microcosms of life into unprecedented completeness, wholeness, richness.

This could lead to more than a movement. It could lead to dedication quite much in the sense that in earlier times led to the formation of monasteries. The quest for meaning in todays world could be answered by strong centers within a global learning field which provide people with the best options to shape their lives.

What the dedication means is a fervent zeal to make the local environment aka villages more self-reliant, bright, intelligent, liveable - by special emphasis on themes, networks, communication centres, experimentation, innovation, design. It mean going beyond all that existed so far and create really self-feeding, organic habitat. It means showing that we can have the full life in an incredibly small place, making the planet a thousand times bigger just by that perspective. It means to realize the potential to become a global brotherhood/sisterhood of true citizens of the world, simply putting a potential ultra - productive localisation at the top of all global agenda - with new codes of global cooperation that gradually would obsolesce "intellectual property" and therefore unfold an unforeseen productivity for all !