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Gleb Tiurin's account of citizens taking the first tentative steps toward restoring self government and civil society to a remote Russian village should both inspire and sober community development advocates in new and established democracies everywhere. It brightly illustrates the principle that the entrepreneurial efforts of just a few people with a good idea can motivate large-scale positive behavior change. On the more cautionary side, it begs the questions of what government must do to create incentives for social entrepreneurship to emerge, and what additional government and citizen support must be in place to sustain innovations once they are in motion. Gleb Tiurin, with this story, has made an important contribution to the field of community development. Paul Vandeventer President Community Partners Los Angeles, California USA

I am very impressed by this book. It shows the meaning of adult education for local communities. This book can motivate and inspire people. Once again it brings the lesson again human resource is the main asset of development. This story can be applied to the countryside of Latvia. Hope we can work together to make life in Latvian and Russian villages better. Inese Freija, Coordinator of Talsi District Adult Education centre, Latvia

Gleb Turin has written a remarkable account of a remarkable experiment of how in the Arkhangelsk village of Zaozerye, people were called together, encouraged to discuss the problems of village life, to debate and decide on solutions, and how they set about applying them. The lesson to be learned was that the main problem was not money, but motivation. Perhaps this was the most important lesson of all. Everyone concerned with the problems of reviving village life, and, for different reasons, the problem is universal, should read this account by a dedicated initiator. They will find ample reasons, like the villagers of Zaozerye, to be encouraged, and even inspired. John Papworth Editor, Fourth World Review, Great Britain

Gleb Tyurin describes the success of his socio-dynamic work in Northern Russian village, mainly based on tenacity and bravery, as well as cooperation and united effort. Very interesting is the description how difficulties were encountered in building the process of cooperation and collective understanding, which is the pivot of the initiative success. I think that the described approach could bring relevant benefits in most if not all countries in the world. So, good luck Gleb, and good luck to all the communities which will take the challenge and start working with enthusiasm and determination for themselves. Annaflavia Bianchi, expert of network technologies, regional and local development Bolognia, Italy