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(by Franz Nahrada)

Talk with Michel Bauwens, 26th of December 2013

is leaving for Ecuador in January to build FLOK Project:

Research Plan for FLOK Project

  • Ecuador has coastal, Amazon and mountain regions; the project aims to create one Global Village in each of these region types.
Resources for inspiration of Pikalevo and other projects

Finland: Andrew Patterson in Helsinki is a Scottish artist-organiser, cultural producer, educator and researcher based in Helsinki, Finland. His wife Olga is Russian and familiar with Global Villages

http://p2pfoundation.net/Andrew_Paterson or http://agryfp.info/

China Michel met a lady in Hongkong and her name is Kim Chi - she is of the Rural Reconstruction Project. Follow up

Italy SOCIETING http://www.societing.org/ Two Groups, from Milan and Salerno, joined forces and work on a comprehensive base for rural innovation - also based on Open Agriculture and P2P Principles.

  • They create an award for social Innovations, with a reward of 100.000 Euro for the best project; they received 600 entries in 2013. A positive impact on regional cohesion and an Open Source approach. The project is called Che Fare (What shall we do?) and is supported by several foundations: http://www.che-fare.com/.
  • Open Source means any of these innovations can be taken and immediately applied in Russia!
      • This edition of the guidelines as cheFare2 has four guiding principles : collaboration , sharing, search and storytelling . The core of the project is to launch a public debate on the cultural meaning of doing business today , relating with the difficult economic / social of the Italian territory .
      • In a scenario of strong inertia of centralized institutions emerge with new force the cultural productions that come from collaborative processes positioned at the margins, to the communities and local areas , increase the possibilities of new information technologies . These practices not only produce collaborative culture and knowledge but begin to produce sustainable economic scenarios with new forms -based principles are more and more collaborative . In a time that saw a sharp break with the forms of sustenance of the culture active in the past, there is a need to imagine or re-imagine new ways that they can financially support cultural enterprises .
      • In this context includes the award CheFare? which is "set up as a tool to investigate the changes in the present and in the streets of the future" of the Italian culture.
  • France http://p2pfoundation.net/ADABio_Autoconstruction
      • "' ADABio is a socio- technical network of organic farmers who share knowledge and expertise in the self-build free and appropriate agricultural equipment. ADABio self-construction is a toolkit whose aim is to facilitate, through the entry machinery, installation, conversion and improvement of practices in organic farming.
      • Our project is to develop a Farm -Lab workshop pooling machine tools for farmers.
      • We are already planning our third season of training for self-build , equipped workshops that we rent to agricultural schools throughout France . 150 producers have already gone through our courses and have thus joined the network.
      • We now have the opportunity to invest a brownfield , a former paper mill near Grenoble ( Rhône -Alpes), to open a farmer training center , a resource center around self-build appropriate technologies suited to agro- ecological farming practices.
  • http://p2pfoundation.net/Nutrient_Dense_Project
  • US Steve Bosserman and Sam Rose
  • http://p2pfoundation.net/FarmHack
  • http://p2pfoundation.net/Slow_Tools_Project
  • http://www.resilientcommunities.com/
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