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What is the purpose of VillageWiki?

Purpose statement by Franz Nahrada

The issue that we want to discuss together here is not so much the nostalgic memory of the traditional village with its low-tech division of labour and crafts, policeman and priest, shoemaker and blacksmith. We are well aware of the fact that this traditional village identity has been largely dissolved, and the two main functions of the European Village nowadays are agriculture and residence - even if there are enourmous differences between rural regions throughout Europe. We are well aware that life heavily depends on the car, traditional solidarities are weakening and the brightest young people still refuge to the cities.

We - the online community of this Wiki - ideally consists out of many people who think out of many reasons that this is a shame. To put it in the framework of thoughts of a person not at all suspect of rural bias, Californiranian Feridour Esfandiary (FM2030) "we all are behaving like visitors of a large estate, full of lavish gifts, who instead of harvesting the fruits which are there in abundance are quarelling like crazy and plundering the contents of a small provision chamber". I do not remember the exact quotation, but I like the thought. The lavish estate is our planet earth, which we have learned in millenia to cultivate and to beautify, and of whose surface we are abandoning 98% for the sake of mingling together in overcrowded cities.

We are still cought in the mindset of the industrial revolution, while a new and sharply antagonistic trend, the Information Age with its automation, is reversing social realities, enabling us to decentralize life and power again without compromising lifes quality. How can that be done ? is the main question here

The purpose of the Village Wiki is to explore the synthesis between the tradition and beauty of rural life and the technical and social and spiritual achievements of the information age - with its uprecedented revolution in the ways we look at the world.

The full knowledge of the world is now accessible from villages with the help of the Internet:

  • how can that knowledge be used to strengthen and support the diversity and abundance of life in villages?
  • What kind of knowledge do we need?
  • What kind of access to knowledge do we need?
  • What can be done to apply this knowledge?
  • Is there an incentive for parts of the urban populace to return to village life?
  • How will this village of the 21st century look like?
  • How can we increase sustainability and also quality of life?
  • How can relatively few people maintain a high standard of services for all the menmbers of a community?
These are some of the thousands of questions that this Wiki has to deal with.

Ideally, this is a bridge between the German Dorfwiki and the English Global Villages wiki hosted by Minciu Sodas / Andrius Kulikauskas

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