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Gründungsversammlung der Global Telecentre Alliance am 24.5.2008

Rohe Mitschrift, kein offizielles Protokoll

EUTA and TAP (Telehouses of the Americas Partnerships) establish the Global Telecentre Alliance today. Therefore chaired by Matyas Gaspar and Klaus Stoll

Matyas Gaspar: Greeting the participants. The international telehouse movement is 23 years old, fist telehouse established in Sweden 1985. A second wave emerged in the late 90s. In the midnineties retirerd members of the ITU established the Interneational Association of Teleservice Centers (CTSC). They were targeting the same goas as we are today, but at the time coheasion was too weak.

Goals of the telehouse alliance.

  • the older generation transfers knowledge to the younger ones
  • transfering knowledge
  • synchronize projects and programs
Lithuanian participants raised the issues of language barriers. GTA must hear these weak voices and amplify them, figute out solutions or provide global projects towards these solutions.

Motto: GTA for collective thinking and project generating!!

Suggestion to establish a "veteran board": "International Telecentre Innovation Council"

Head of the council: Michael Gurstein (who was the father of this idea)

Membership of this council should be at all time extended on consensus.

Present Members of the Veterans Club:

Roger Harris,Michael Gurstein,

Klaus Stoll: I am now working with telehouses for 20 years, its kind of shameful to be called a veteran. Many of us are free of our Organizations and Boundaries and we are free to do and say what we really think and want. So "Veterans Council" is meant for INNOVATION!

report from yesterdays circles:

Michael (see Szazhalombatta page)

operative goals

  1. . database of applications
  2. . networking
  3. . intl. Academy of telecenter operators.
role of the organisation:
EUTA in a unique position. has 10 members, operating for years. Supported by governments. EUTA can spearhead development, but that also needs structural adaption adaption.

GTA = Membership organisation (existing orgs & people plus those invited in) under the (initial) leadership of EUTA. EUTA needs reform.



  • Growth of TC in Numbers (especially in Africa, Asia)
  • Growing Knowledge Base
  • Promoting Diversity of Telecenters
  • Facilitate Sharing Knowledge
  • Facilitating P2P Support
  • Global Organisation with Global Concerns
  • use Telecenter Potentials and Capacities by Telecenters for Telecenters
  • strengthening local capacities and communities
  • Giving Voice to grassroots

  • GTA is formally legalized as international NGO by Funding members EUTA and TAP
  • It has a Mentors board, Advisory Board = the International Telecenter Innovation Council
  • In the moment EUTA is used as an Executive Board
  • for 2 years
  • Create Subcomittees
    • Constitution and Roles
    • Program Development and Research
    • Ethics and Values

  • Advocacy
  • Fundraising based on Strategy
  • Research
  • Working Groups
  • Networking (Experts, best practises)
  • Portal Online Platform Supporting Communication Functions
  • Project and Services Generation (Innovation of Services, Social Innovation)
  • Exchange of Telecenter Workers
  • Thematic Knowledge Groups - Cluster of Common Interests
  • Pool of Research Questions - Idea Nest
    • Subcomitee on Finance
    • Subcomitee on Communication

  • Subcomitee on Finance
      • Klaus (chair) - Matyas - Gerhard Wagner
  • Subcomitee on Communication
      • Franz (chair) - Gyösö Kovacs - Rabia - Lutfor
  • Subcomitee on Constitution and Roles
      • Matyas (Chair) - Klaus - Francisco - Michael
  • Subcomitee on Program Development and Research
      • Roger (Chair) Arun, Thomas, Laszlo, Thomas, Bruno, Michael
  • Subcomitee on Ethics and Values
      • Rabia (Chair) Matyas, Franz
Afternoon Presentations

  • Workgroup 2 summary
  • Project "GTA Global information marketplace"
    • Aim - Global networking, to have an information chanel for GTA members and base for private sector
    • Motion about "considering the issue of general availability" accepted".
presentation of Ildiko Majer about ValDeal. Bootsrapping for Business Ideas. Methodology from Austin Texas.