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In early 2024, after I issued a call for support in preserving my materials, Andrius Kulikauskas ( Math4Wisdom) started a series of interviews. He challenged me to tell my life stories and began to extract patterns: ˧


There was a short intro (Episode 0) about the question: does it make sense to keep memories in a physical form? ˧

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TvpwGV2W0E ˧

Then we decided to do a longer deep dive in my life and work. ˧

Episode 1

recorded on Friday February 16th is published and online here: ˧

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5461a7y2IE8 ˧

Content: ˧

  • Early life path, environment ˧
  • Shift to Social Studies ˧
  • Political activity ˧
  • travels to Greece ˧
  • Work for Apple and travel to the US ˧
  • synthesis of global villages concept ˧
  • Arcosanti, Engelbart ˧
  • Founding of GIVE ˧

I am collecting and correcting the transcripts in order to find nice photo materials for episode 2 -4 ˧

/Episode 2

February 17th ˧

content: ˧

  • The idea of GIVE as Laboratory (1992) ˧
  • The emergence of GlobalVillage Conferences ˧
  • Global Village Conference 1993 ˧
  • Building Bridges, example Joseph Smyth ˧
  • Need to find public Impact location - city hall ˧
  • Global Village 1995 ˧
  • Mallorca Conferences 1993 and 1994 ˧
  • Tony Gwilliam (and Chinese Village story) ˧
  • Back to Global Village Conference and the Mothercity idea ˧
  • Global Village 96 and 97 / ECTF 96 and The problematique of Telework ˧
  • The shift from Telework to Culture and Education ˧
  • Global Village 97 - Kim Veltman ˧
  • Retreat 1995 and the peace Village story ˧
  • Global Village defined by Knowledge & Culture Center ˧
  • The Mljet Challenge ˧
  • CULTH ˧
  • The Shift of 1999 and the Emerging of Our Collaboration ˧
  • OEKONUX and the Open Source Paradigm ˧
  • Summarizing ˧

March 8 ˧

content: ˧

/Episode 4

March 15 ˧

content: ˧

  • Want to talk about the village as an elementary form. So in a way the most simple things around us, seemengly small and trivial, mirror the whole. Karl Marx had this idea to say that we start with the commodity, good, ware, product. Too many words in English - so in German the Term "Ware" is much deeper. The abstract truth that is set in action. The most simple everday experience that every good has a price and this constitutes an internal contradiction between usefulness and exchange value is the key to understand the whole world as it is as a dominance of value and its forms money, capital, classes, and even society organized by state . He is able to understand from this elementary form the whole genesis of capitalist society with all its power and glory and misery. ˧
  • I think that the idea of McLuhan that the Globalisation pushed to its extremity leads to a new form of enlightened locality - if people can grab the significance of this development - leads us to understand a whole world shaped by communication rather than by market. I want to stress the point that even if we understand how important the village is for our health and wellbeing, it is equally important as a foundation of a whole worlds that offers real freedom, real opportunities for everyone and real cooperation. So this promises of the french revolution Liberte Egalite Fraternite they can only be truly realized in a world based beyond money, markets and military. ˧
  • Take this idea of the mothercity instead of father land. It is based in the idea that we are embedded in an optimum framework of cooperative relations that works as a balance seeking process of independent communities who understand the need for a wold based on agreements between communities, giving lots and lots of choices to individuals to join and leave communities. ˧
  • Pattern language of Global Villages. Christopher Alexander Independent Regions. Leopold Kohr Fritz Schumacher. ˧
  • Important encounters in the US. I had with Medicine Wheel people - governance by polarities ˧
  • John McConnell? Founder of Earth Day was my Guest in Hotel Karolinenhof in 1993 (arranged by Hans Janitschek). Led to the Earth Day Vienna tradition. ˧


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