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Eileen Workman, A New Wave in Human Evolution

The outgoing wave is represented by the power/dominator culture that has controlled human behavior for many thousands of years....

The energy of the new wave can be identified by its grounding in a joyous and overwhelming love for life.

  • It carries within it a reverence for this planet, for other creatures, for nature, for the interconnectedness of all beings and for the evolutionary thrust of consciousness.
  • It values the environment and supports concepts like sustainability, renewable energy and regenerative living.
  • It proposes we make less but make it better, consume less but consume it more wisely, work less but work smarter and with the intention of advancing humanity and stewarding our future.
  • It values wisdom above information, realization above dogmas and spirituality above religious training.
  • It approaches reality from a whole-systems viewpoint instead of objectifying and valuing separation, and knows everything to be alive, sentient and evolving.
  • It defines success not through possessions or monetary wealth, but through the metrics of human happiness, planetary health, the well-being of other species and the ability of society to empower ALL individuals to self-actualize.
  • It promotes self-governance, self-discipline and self-awareness as the cure for external domination.
  • It views work not as jobs for pay, but as the necessary labor of humanity to advance the survivability of our species.
  • It values play and social engagement as much as work, and honors the arts as creative expressions of human consciousness.
  • It recognizes that the true resources of humanity reside not in how much sweat we produce in a day, but in our ingenuity, our creativity, our imaginative capacities, our passions, our talents and our skills.
  • It values cooperation above competition and realizes that humanity advances through freely sharing our wisdom so we can build on what we've learned, not through the bottling of knowledge and selling what we know to the highest bidder.
  • It recognizes that all the money ever created cannot possibly match those resources, and that trying to measure the worth of unique human beings through comparing them to each other is a hopeless enterprise.
  • It learns from the past but does not cling to it; it leans into the future but does not fear it.
  • In short, it is a wave marked by human maturation, where all the fears, insecurities, aggression, isolation, sexual obsessions, cliquishness, short-sightedness, rebelliousness and arrogance of youth are being replaced by a quietly growing desire to live and work in peaceful communion with one another - and with nature - for the benefit of future generations.
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