Earth Day







Tag der Vereinten Erde ?

mit Heiner Benking (Berlin) und Franz Nahrada (Wien)


Impulsvortrag im Studio Kino im Rahmen von BUEN VIVIR ("Das Gute Leben")!

Am Frühjahrsbeginn, den 20. oder 21. März wird jedes Jahr der »Earth Day« gefeiert, in Wien bereits zum 15. Mal. Ursprünglich sollte mit dieser Aktion sehr viel mehr thematisiert und erreicht werden. Wissenswertes über Hintergründe und Ziele sowie kreative Ideensuche für den kommenden »Tag der Erde«!

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Über den Earth Day

  • A global holiday in its infancy...
  • Ein globaler Feiertag, noch immer im frühkindlichen Stadium....

In Memoriam John McConnell -
gestorben am 20.October 2012 in Denver im Alter von 97 Jahren

The spirit of Earth Day: celebrating global cooperation

Why we do it at the original date and not on April 22nd:

Arnold Kayserling über die acht Feste im Jahreskreis.
Interview aufgenommen im März 1999 in der Wohnung von Arnold und Wilhemine Kayserling
von Franz Nahrada, Produktion Christian Haderer

"For centuries, humans have been celebrating the Spring Equinox in various ways from simple celebrations, sacrifices, to even building complex stone circles such as Stonehenge. In fact, some calendar systems, including our own Old English calendar, had March as the first month of the year; some Asiatic countries still do." http://www.donrittner.com/his200.html

Jedes Jahr wird der (Equinox - ) Tag der Erde am Frühlingsbeginn um den 20. März gefeiert, einem Zeitpunkt der den ersten Tag des Frühlings in der Nordhemisphäre und den ersten Tag des Herbstes in der Südhemisphäre markiert. Die Tradition begann am 21. März 1970, als erstmals der Tag der Erde in San Francisco gefeiert wurde..

Every year, the Equinox Earth Day is celebrated on the Vernal equinox (around 20 March), a time that marks the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere and the first day of autumn in the southern hemisphere. The tradition began since March 21, 1970, when the first
Equinox Earth Day and also the first Earth Day was celebrated.




The Earth Day celebrations in March is said to have started with John McConnell,
a newspaper publisher and influential community activist.
In 1969, McConnell attended a UNESCO Conference on the Environment,
where he proposed the idea of having an annual global holiday called Earth Day
that would remind people of their responsibility to maintain the environmental
equilibrium of the earth. He hoped that this singular occassion would make people
join hands and recognize their common need to preserve Earth’s resources.
He chose the vernal equinox as the time of the Earth Day celebrations.
Supporting his decision regarding this date of observance, he himself said later

"When I first conceived of Earth Day, a global holiday to celebrate the wonder of life
on our planet, I thought long and hard about the day on which it should fall.
It must be meaningful. One that might be accepted universally for all of humankind.

When the Vernal Equinox dawned on me, I immediately knew it was right.
The Earth tremor that shook our California dwelling at that moment seemed
an omen of confirmation. What could be more appropriate than the first moment of Spring,
when day and night are equal around the world and hearts and minds can join together
with thoughts of harmony and Earth's rejuvenation. Just as a single prayer can be siginificant,
how much more so when hundreds, thousands, millions of people throughout the world
join in peaceful thoughts and prayers to nurture neighbor and nature.

And so it came to pass we initiated the celebration of Earth Day on March 21, 1970
....Earth Day was firmly established for all time on a sound basis as an annual
event to deepen reverence and care for life on our planet. "



Mother Earth Day and United Earth Day: a new Opportunity

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