Vienna Meeting







First E.R.D.E Meeting in Vienna    
25. 28. November 2003    

Participants: DorisKiesling -BHW, MonikaErb -BHW, FranzNahrada -G.I.V.E., ChristineHofbauer -DOST, BernhardHaas -DOST, KarinHuber? -Coburg, JensMofina -City&Bits, WaclawIdziak -Gymnasium Malechowo, DariuszBartos -Gymnasium Malechowo, PiotrChylarecki -Gymnasium Malechowo, DavidWortley -Massmitec

Table of Contents
First E.R.D.E Meeting in Vienna   
25. 28. November 2003   
Tuesday, 25.11.03   
Re: CCommunication Platform   
Wednesday, 26.11.03   
Content, Aims, Evaluation   
Thursday, 27.11.03   
Fr, 28.11.03   
Common Reflexion   

Tuesday, 25.11.03    


11:00 Introduction I (Organisation, main tasks, role in the project, personel…)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Introduction II

16: 00 Coffee

16:30 Schedule

After a long discussion we decided to fix the first year with the expected participation of Hungary (HTA).

15. 17. March 2004 Germany, Coburg (Cultural Networking)

Beginn of June 2004 Hungary, Budapest with Radio and Picture show

  • But our polish partners have no funding for travel costs to Hungary!
  • Maybe the can finance it over "preparation costs” for a grundtvig 1 project (Hungary must then be on board!!!)
!!!Re-Submission in February 2004 is necessary!!!! As well as to clear the situation in Slovinia.

Report of the 1st year!

The second year (starts 1st of August 2004) could look like that:

Autum 2004 Workshop in Poland

1st of November 2004 Deadline 1st phase Grundtvig 1 project

Spring 2005 Workshop in UK

Summer 2005 more Worhshops if additional partners

Re: CCommunication Platform    

18:00 Presentation of the communication platform (intrex) by Jens Mofina, City&Bits

Franz uses Apple and therefore he cannot use this platform. It is also not possible to generate mailingslists with this tool. We decide to use the yahoo mailinglist till City&Bits with Massmitec an G.I.V.E can find a tool for all our demands and for all interessted multipliers (ECOVAST, EUTA, CTSC,….).

Wishlist: - mailinglist with archive function - instant messaging & chatting - open space online - cms for publication - instant collaboration - more synchronous (audio/video-confernce) - virtual classroom (voice, presentation, "real life flavour”…)

20:00 Heuriger in Jedlesee

Wednesday, 26.11.03    

Content, Aims, Evaluation    

9:00 - 12:00 Work on contents, aims and evaluation

In our proposal we wrote that we have following aims:
1) Developing a curriculum for a training cours "regional information coach”
2) Preparing a Grundtvig 1 project
3) Installing interactive website
4) Build up a cooperative, transnational network

What we want:
 Building an interface to learning opportunities, not just in the network, but through the networks (workshops, excoursions, communication tool…)
 Multiplying the learning experience (public presentation, website, webcast, publication…)
 Creating sustainable spin-offs (matchmaking)


Create a common knowledge base (maybe even a European Academy) for community informatics

Having a profession "Regional information coaching” specialised on practically introducing ways how local problems an be adressed by global knowledge


RIC is built on THREE pillars

content How can local problems be adressed by global knowledge in a certain field? Energy and building .... Family life ..... Health & self care .....

Methodology How do I find an access the needed knowledge (resources)? Databases, online repositories..... Communities ..... Professional services ….. Universities, libraries …..

Sustainability How do I position mayself in the community? What are the needs of people?

Questions related to RIC: - Who are the RICs? - Where are they staying? - What are they making their live from?

We have found out that the RIC is not enough to meet all community needs, therefore we generate following Suggestion:

1) Regional community informatics (RIC) are there for the CONTENT Franz will lead this workgroup

2) Regional Innovation Coach are there for PROCESS Waclaw will lead this workgroup

3) Regional Media Coach are there for TOOLS

Questions related to the Innovation Coach (information about innovation)
- how can we learn innovation
- how can we communicate
- how can we spread
- how can we transform, implement and integrate
- how can we work with innovative people
- how discover them
- how can we trigger innovative abilities
- how can we build cluster of innovation

It is strongly needed to work first on the STRUCTURE then to make a PILOT PROJECT and with the feedback of the COMMUNITY we can improve the structure.


13:00 Lunch

14:00 Departure to Hollabrunn by bus

15:00 Hollabrunn Gym-Radio with Interview of David Wortley, Massmitec an looking for the new rooms of Gym-Radio in the former slottery (a large project with many other offices)

16:30 Departure to Retz

17:00 Retz: Presentation of Town hall with the major (some good wine and bread)
presentation of the activities of the city regeneration an a wall town
presentation of the Telehaus and GIZ, Computerclub,
Guided tour through the famous wine cellar of Retz
Invitation of the Major to a Heurigen-Dinner

00:30 back at the hotel

Thursday, 27.11.03    


Workshop with the Austrian Multipliers

08:00 Departure to St. Pölten by bus

10:00 Präsentation der Partner (à 15 min.)

14:30 Workshop (Franz)

16:30 Führung Landhaus

17:00 Abfahrt Wien bzw. Arbeitsmeeting "Bibliothek"

Fr, 28.11.03    


second Excursion Day

08:30 Departure to Fischamend by bus

09:30 Mediathek Fischamend

11:00 Departure to Norbertinum Tullnerbach

12:00 Introduction to the project "Bioerlebnis Bauernhof” by DI Peter Schawerda

13:00 Mittagessen

14:00 Guided tour to the place with future project plans

15:00 Departure back to Vienna

16:30 Last get-together and feedback

Common Reflexion    


 + -

Examples (ICT) +
Connection of tradism with new media +

 Doumentation is needed !!
o Map of access and learning points
 Goals and structures are similar, but conditions and implementations are different (national program, tradition, positions
 Different people with diferent interests doing or trying the same in some area
 Matrix of identifying factors of success
 Bridges to an with neigbours


 + -

Organisation of meeting, workshop, excursions, papers and handouts +
Busses were too big -
Long time for lunch on thursday +
We sit too much + -
Good time for the Mulitplier-Workshop after the internal workmeeting +


 Continued communication!!
o Internal mailing list!
o National mailing lists
o Platform is strongly needed
o Language is still issue
 There is a lot of enthusiasm
 We need a defined goal on various levels
ß Passive competence of foreign languages helps

Personal comments:

"After visiting Fischamend I saw we con do the same thing immediately” (Piotr)

"I will try to introduce GymRadio? in Leicester” (David)


(insert picture here)


Whishlist for the Workshop in Coburg

- links from the city to the villages (culture!) - we organize a workshop for people from Berlin, they live close, about game didactics & circus did (Waclaw)

SEE CoburgMeeting