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Information and its availability is a crucial factor for the quality of living and working environments in the information age. Regional Information Coaching is a means to balance the lack of specialised institutions for information handling and retrieval in rural areas.

It can be best compared to running a multipurpose community library, where the community helps its members and visitors to find access to everything they need. Such institutions exist in many forms today, for example as Telecottages? or CommunityMediaCenters?, and we think their importance will dramatically increase in the years to coome.

The assumption is that we need a new professional education, one that is based on a very general outlook on a wide scope of information sources and contens and the sound understanding of real information needs and the relation between information and its impact in the local community. Information coaching means to forster the spirit of sharing and cooperation in a community, but also the hunger for learning.


"I think RIC is interesting and it relates to the need to focus less on memorization in education and learning and more on the process by which we relate to information and how we internalize and then externalize it to the world. The coach might help to get people to recognize their intuitive talents and to link them up with other people that have similar goals and aspirations. Whether the work we are doing now will become relevant in the future depends on our success in becoming integrated as human beings. I feel that the very information is presented to us today and the energy beyond it helps to fracture our sense of ourselves dissolving our resolve and sense of purpose. So I see what you are proposing as a way to coach people in redeveloping a sense of themselves not only as individuals in relation to their local communities but as part of the larger planetary community." JeffBuderer?, OneVillageFoundation?