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Describe any divergence from the project as originally designed. Specify the nature of the difference, how and why it emerged, the action taken by the partnership and its effects. Focus in particular on changes in :
  • the aims and objectives
  • the workplan and calendar''
  • the composition and respective roles in partnership (if a new partner is now included, specify its expertise and role in the project)
  • the external environment in which the project operates
  • the financial and administrative management of the project

The consortium had to adapt to various difficulties, especially the late decision on inclusion of certain partners. So we had to drop the plan of organizing an Slowenian Workshop in 2004 and lost our partners there. We have found new partners which support the aims and contents of this partnership very well:

Our partners in Lithuania will support our partnership with many activities that will help us study how best to coach local innovators with marginal access to the Internet:

1. Organize discussion groups in the Lithuanian language of independent thinkers in the countryside. The purpose is to study this interaction, how the people are integrated into the global Internet society.

2. Translate various material of ERDE ideas from English and other languages into Lithuanian, so they would be available for discussion in our native language.

3. Print this material and discussions as a regular newsletter so that it can reach the many people who are not able to participate through the Internet.

4. Create portions of a website that assembles the materials that help shape the outline of the curriculum we foresee, and use as examples the materials that we have collected from independent thinkers.

5. Publish such materials in an electronic form, preferably the new USB flash keychain storage devices this could be a „test ground“ in the rural area!!

6. We would like to conduct English language learning workshops during the year at Varenos Technologijos ir Verslo Mokykla so that the people there could learn to speak well on ERDE issues, in preparation for the conference here, and also in preparation for travel.

Our partner IPAK in Slovenia will support our partnership with its rich experience in transnational projects and its expertise in E-Learning and the implementation of several ICT in education models as well as to support us to improve our interactive website.


Also, we decided to shift the German and the Austrian Workshop because the City of Coburg made its participation dependent on funding - the confirmation was not available six weeks before the WS. So with a lot of effort the Austrian Workshop was rescheduled to become the opening event.

For that short time, a considerable success could be achieved with prominent location and political support.

Due to uncertainty with their allowances, the Hungarian telecottage Association participated as observers so far.

Aims and objectives:

During our meeting, contributions of the Polish and English partners convinced us to widen our scope. Instead of narrowing to just one new profession, we would try to work on three different professions, and have a hypothetical curriculum ready by the end of year 2 of the project. Regional Information Coaching should be complemented with Regional Innovation and Media Coaching.

Besides all that the consortium is sticking to its original plans. The decision was made to rely mostly on yahoogroups and Wiki as informational infrastructure for the beginning.