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Hi! I lead the MinciuSodas laboratory and am taking the initiative to organize Open People as a broad based support for people who want to "get things done".

My email is MS at MS dot LT

I have to reorganize this page.

Meanwhile, here's a list of my priorities, perhaps not in any particular order:

  • Currency Administration Tool
  • Currency Design Tool
  • ERDE make web system and investigators
  • PVM taxes make database
  • Learn to use Skype
  • Finish WED website
  • Look for new clients for "open work"
  • Set up websystem for letters, etc.
  • Set up discussion group for Zydintys sodai.

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I'm very happy to contribute to the public wealth. I'm glad that my work may be useful to you. You are free to copy, edit, merge, and share my work without asking for permission, unless I have marked the material to state otherwise. By thoughtfully sharing such work, I think you're also adding to the public wealth. I encourage you also to place your work, as much as possible, in the Public Domain.

Thank you for helping promote me and my lab, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, especially with links and kind words. Please think of me whenever you might help us get work! You're surely welcome to send me money through PayPal?.

I control this page being up here so this is a way to confirm that it's true! Also, I'm participating at the registries http://www.voght.com/cgi-bin/pywiki?OpenPeople and http://www.primarilypublicdomain.org

I've also written this as a sample of what a confirmation page might look like! Certainly, it could be shorter, or longer. It could be simply the form above, or anything equivalent. It could even be simply a letter to a discussion group that ends up in an archive. People who organize registries can then link to your confirmation. The important thing is that you show that you control your page, so people can be reasonably sure that you really are placing your works in the Public Domain.

Some places I frequent include:

I also have my blog, thanks to Arthur Vanderbilt!

My letters of 2003 shows my mind on the run, as a leader of our lab, Minciu Sodas.

Some of my best writings are:

  • Life, My Understanding attempts to cover all of human life.
  • An Economy for Giving Everything Away (with David Ellison-Bey) pushes economic thinking to its practical conclusion.
  • Organizing Thoughts into Sequences, Hierarchies and Networks (with Saulius Maskeliunas) breaks down visualizations.
  • MindSet (with the ThinkingPowerfully? working group) is a standard for exchange between software tools for organizing thoughts.
  • Spine for the Web reinterprets the Web as a directory for humans to get things done.
  • The Algebra of Copyright offers concepts for sorting out copyright issues.
You can contact me here at Ryze and here at Ecademy.

My CV includes a short story of my life. Here is my resume.

My email is MS-at-MS-dot-LT

My headquarters are:

Andrius Kulikauskas Grudu g 6 Vilnius 11306


Telephone: +370 5 264 5950.