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A Co-Operative Village is a non-profit built community with resident built low cost, affordable homes, whose 500 inhabitants pool their resources to become an extended family, to the degree they choose, while maintaining their own privacy and independence. Its purpose is to allow the residents, through cooperation not competition, the opportunity to live comfortably and independently by working part-time or not at all, ultimately bringing themselves to better health by reducing stress. Relationships and caring for each other is of prime importance. From inception to execution, no one makes a profit on another. The village would be earth friendly.

It is not a commune, nor expensive gated community, nor retirement community, nor a cult or religious congregation. It is not a place with a lot of rules.

School does not teach us all the skills we need to know to survive easily and as young adults we do not have the time to learn these skills quickly enough to benefit ourselves. Instead we were simply taught to be consumers. In community we will be surrounded by others who have learned these skills and are eager to share with us for free. Thus there could be diet, cooking and dieting experts, exercise and holistic/herbal healing experts and nursing, massage therapists, family counselors, legal, financial and tax experts, automotive and home repair experts, tutors, etc.

Healthy organic food could be raised by those that choose to do so. Meals would be prepared by those that choose to do so. When you are faced by a crisis, the community would be there to help you through it. It is said that 80% of our medical problems are stress related. Community living would greatly reduce the economic burden we each face thus freeing us from stress. We each would have security and a support system, freeing us from stress. We would never be concerned about becoming homeless. More of our time would be spent doing that which we choose and enjoy doing, a place where work and leisure become one. We would be able to work less on a job and spend more time on ourselves and our families. This is any doctor’s prescription to a healthy and long life!

 Buch zum freien Download:  http://coopvil.ipower.com/pdf/co-op_book.pdf 

" Before pointing out some of these advances let me warn you. I am a hopeless optimist, even though what you are about to read may at first frighten you or you may not agree with it. I should also point out that a few members recently left the project feeling that I was delusional, as I may be. " (Jack Reed)

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