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A Social Innovators Week

The second time a group Social Innovators mainly from the Přerov and Šumperk districts in Olomouc Region of Czech Republic will visit Austria. (See here for the first run). This time it will be 10 people who are active multipliers within their region and we will make a big effort to get them in touch with Austrian hotspots of Social Innovation. Since they will come by bus, we will travel together and this time cover not only the Vienna Region, but also Lower and Upper Austria.

We always think it is exciting to show to visitors what you always wanted to visit yourself, it helps a lot in Austrian networking, and we invite friends to follow up what we are doing, to visit us in the concluding days and use this event for networking.

Also, we see a lot of potential in supporting our Czech friends creating excellent Centers of Social Innovations in small towns, serving rural areas. The questions that peripheral regions face are maybe not so different in Austria and Csech Republic: an increasing process of migration to the large centers, loss of qualified young people, high unemployment and little support for creative entrepreneurship.

We will pool our best solutions and apply them locally.

Our Schedule


Monday 23nd of June 2014

cannot come on Sunday, will arrive in Vienna only Monday midday

12:00 arrival @ Hotel Karolinenhof in Vienna

  • short welcome, intro, maybe snack

14:00 St. Andrä Wördern, the "Borderless Initiatives" http://www.grenzenloskochen.at as an excellent example of rural innovation climate in a place near the Vienna woods.

15:00 grenzenlos

Tuesday 24th of June 2014 OTELO DAY

A long trip westward
With Norbert Novak, Emil Underberg and others (Günter Hubmeier)
8:00 breakfast
9:00 departure

We seek to arrive at 11h30 in Vorchdorf, home of OTELO (Open Technology Lab Austria) and also now the second village Campus in Austria. We will spend the rest of the day with them. (otelovorchdorf(AT)gmail.com)

On the basis of a feasibility study for creating regional development areas, local centres for community-based activities were established first in Gmunden and Vöcklabruck and then in Walding, Kirchdorf and Vorchdorf. The centres are supported by teams of Otelo volunteers as needed and depending on the stage of the activity (idea / game / project); otherwise, they are self-organizing. From workshops for transmitting knowledge through stimulating “idea bars” to jams in open format, there is room for everyone (and everything). The municipalities take care of basic infrastructure in municipal buildings and provide an orientation 'manual' for groups and new locations. Currently, a cooperative society is being formed as a place of alternative employment for entrepreneurs.

11:30 Stefan Reiter Short presentation OTELO
12:30 Lunch, Buffet
14:00 Mayor Gunther Schimpel The Project Campus Vorchdorf
15:00 Break, Walk through the Village
alt. Otelo Scharnstein FAIRteiler Nahrung
16:00 Harald Prohaska & Hannelore Holinetz COOPERATIVE
17:30 Martin Holinetz & Wolfgang Mader
18:00 TV Program "Frag den Freak"
Sabine Hutterer und Harald Prohaska Dorf TV
23:00 return to Vienna

Wednesday 25th of June 2014

Morning early rise
7:30 breakfast
8:30 departure
9:30 - 9:50 very short tour - Cohousing "Pomali" Oberwölbling
10:30 Rossatz

  • Cooperative Village Shop in Rossatz - a communication and life center
11:30 departure to Ybbsitz
12:30 Lunch (Ybbsitz)
Afternoon 13:30 on the way back:
  • 20:00 Waidhofen an der Ybbs LOVELY SMALL TOWN WITH VERY MODERN CONCEPT drive by
  • 21:00 DINNER - The potential of a single overlooked fruit Rosehip in Nölling, Dunkelsteiner Wald powered by Herta Falkensteiner
24:00 return to Vienna

Thursday 26th of June 2014

free morning and noon for sightseeing and shopping / or simply retreat and lunch in VIENNA

afternoon 14:00h : Speeches and visitors PUBLIC MINI SYMPOSIUM, personal access needs to be assured by email to f.nahrada(AT)reflex.at

Theme 1: Turning natural wealth into social diversity

  • Christian Schrefel, Seeds of Change: a different view at Arche Noah genetic diversity preservation ok
  • Gerald A. Hollaus http://www.landfenster.at Landfenster /"Country Window" (Tel. 0699 1412 8432) "How the Country can interface to the City" ok
  • Gerhard Berka Social Innovation Worldwide
Theme 2: How to explore potentials and have the courage to realize them

  • Rudolf Grothusen, "Vital Community" as a social innovation ok
  • Norbert Novak Austrian Examples of progressive personal development ok
  • Ira Mollay Mutmacherei ok
    • Beispiele
      • Netswerk: http://netswerk.at/ "Kleine Selbständigkeit aufbauen". Suchen in ihrer Umgebung Biobauern, bei denen man vorbestellen kann...Bis Dienstag bestellen, am Freitag abholen. 50-80 Kunden pro Laden. Müssen im Unterschied zu einer Food Coop keine Mitglieder werden. Stellt Software und Logistik zur verfügung
        • 20 Läden !!
      • Obststadt Wiener Neustadt: http://www.obststadt.at/ ,eine Stadt mit 40.000 Einwohnern.
        • Privatinitiative, die möchte dass Wiener Neustadt obstautark wird. An mittlerweile 10 Standorten, die von der Stadt zur Verfügung gestellt werden, Obstbäume, Hochbeete, Gemüse - und Kräuterspiralen.
      • Tankwagen: http://tankwagen.wordpress.com/about/ Mobiles Gemeinschaftszentrum in Perchtolsdorf. 4 Frauen, fahren durch die Stadt, kommen ins Gespräch mit den Bürgerinnen und Bürgern, schauen wo der Schuh drückt, inspirieren Projekte Chor etc.
      • Fairteiler: http://www.fairteiler.at/ öffentlich zugängliche Kühlschränke...arbeitet auch zusammen mit Foodsharing Plattformen ... das Prinzip der Bookcrossing auf Lebensmittel. (vgl auch http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_Not_Bombs)
      • Kommunalkonsulat http://www.kommunalkonsulat.at/ von http://www.zukunftsorte.at Treffpunkt für "Ausgebürgerte"
      • Zero Waste Jam http://zerowastejam.com Abfallfreie Marmelade, social franchise, stellt Dachmarke und Management zur Verfügung, initiiert von The Good Tribe
  • Strategisches Development lokaler Projekte

Friday 27th of June 2014

morning: Vienna / Lower Austrian Excursion
program still subject to changes

  • 10:00 Cohousing Lebensraum Gänserndorf
    • including Gärtnerhof
12:00 official end of program


More Cancelled Events


16:00 Meetup at the Vogt Farm in Obersdorf near Wolkersdorf - Self harvest field, local networking &local initiatives that grew in the last year

19:00 Visit at celebration at Ecocenter Lobau, Presentation of eight different initiatives to work on ecological farmland, from horse therapy to aquaponics and farm school

20:30 Arrival at Karolinenhof, Vienna: Overnight Stay

cancelled - group arrives one day later


afternoon: PAN Community

evening: Watzmanns, Apfelweberhof, ( http://www.apfelweberhof.at) private center for artistic creativity. The region near Csech border has managed to create fiberoptic networks to the most remote farms.

We planned to eat and sleep in Apfelweberhof

cancelled - instead we "check in" at Wiener Deewan for dinner


Visit to Mühlviertler Alm on Way to Vorchdorf ?

cancelled - too much stress and detour


  • Apology: Johann Gangl NEL (network for starting an existence in agriculture)[1]
  • Apology: Leopold Zyka, Landlab Kirchfidisch - Open Source Hardware

  • (cancelled) Die Werkstatt - Jobless sozioeconomic business - Martin Pagra
    • Employment and Outplacement / Car Repair
  • (cancelled) Schweisscontainer - metallic skills Hofherr Schranzgasse 4
  • (cancelled) Reintegra psychisch Behinderte ??
  • (cancelled) http://www.rusz.at/967/