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Interview Lea Köder







Aufgabe von WeVeLe?

What we doing is basically: in one hand we working with the universities, so thinking about how study programs could work, also how can we make them more practical, also in a pedagogical way, how can we change the education in the university so that students can learn more practical and really understand how processes work in the real life. And not only learn theoretical concepts and then they are outside and then they learn that the world has actually a lot of problems and troubles and then they don’t know what to do.

So this is what we want to change.


Ablauf der ersten Veranstaltung von WeVeLe?

So in the beginning there was the Team of „how to change the world“. And they explained why we are here, why we invited all these students, professors and experts. So there were 70 Students, around 20 Experts and a few professors. In the beginning they gave a talk, everyone of them. And they explained why we are working on this project. And then we took off in different Groups, so there where 17 Gorups, for each SDG one table, with one expert. They presented one Goal. The students had the possibility to go to every table and talk about an issue. And also form Working Groups. And later on they presented their work in front of all.


Über das WeVeLe? Team

its about us five people and felt that in most of the universities, in europe actually, our education is too theoretical. So we only learn problems, most of the time problems. And then we go out, we finish our studies with thousands of diplomas, and we go out into the real world and we only know about problems in the past but not about solutions for the future.


Über praktisch arbeitende Universitäten im Ausland

There are other universities in the north of Europe and also in the united states which are learning way more practical. they have laboratories, in their university where they can work practical with experts.


Weiter über die erste Veranstaltung von WeVeLe?

And then we explained that, what we want to do - in the beginning - and then we organized a method that is called „world cafe“ and we had 17 experts coming for every SDG. So each expert sat on a table the students had the possibility to go to one table to work an a specific topic. And you have the 17 SGD’s and then you can just go around for three Hours and talk about a specific topic that you interested in. And also get an impression, how does it look like in a real life profession. __

Über die nicht-existenz von Reallaboren

And this is what im missing, the laboratories. Where you can just try out things and not only two write exams and collect ECTS points, to get where?


Über die ÖH, und dass an jeder ÖH eine SDG Arbeitsgruppe eingerichtet werden sollte

in Austria we have the possibility with the ÖH - the „österreichische HochschülerInnenschaft? - which is a student union. Its already an Institution. I think that in any student union should be a group that works on the SDG’s. We want to guide this.


Ihre Rolle bei WeVeLe?

And this is actually where i'm coming in, i really want to help people forming groups, and also finding their individual pathway, like every single person in the group and also help the group developing projects that are stable and also can work on the longterm.