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Andrius: (12.7.2010) I want to shut down the Minciu Sodas server because it's too expensive for me to pay for it (about $55 per month) and I don't have time or energy or interest to organize others, nor do I see any commercial benefit. I may have a new interest in four or five years, but also will likely take a fresh approach.

My plan is to upload to http://www.archive.org an archive of my server's content and code for the Minciu Sodas websites.

I will keep some of the websites (like http://www.ms.lt and perhaps http://www.worknets.org) but give up others to those who might be interested to pursue them further (like http://www.myfoodstory.com, http://www.pyramidofpeace.net, http://www.includer.org) or otherwise sell the domains.

I plan to stop using the server at the end of July. That means that our chat room and wikis won't be available after that.

I expect to direct ms.lt and worknets.org to another server such as Franz Nahrada's where they might be hosted for free. This can be done later.

When I find time, especially if there is interest, I will try to make available an archive of our letters, wiki pages, chat from 1998 to 2010.

Andrius (13.7.): Franz Nahrada, thank you for your letter about your thoughts for your Global Villages server:

you for offering to help as well: My own wish is to make available in the Public Domain the materials that I and others have created these last 12 years, but make a fresh start.

This means that I would like to have the worknets.org/wiki.cgi? pages hosted at the Global Villages server, but without any more writing there.

If I could be given SSH access then it would be I think straightforward for me to migrate those pages there.

I could use whatever ProWiki installation you have because the changes that I made for myself were minor and only affected things like logging in.

I would create a read-only template with links to the new, active pages, wherever they may be.

I don't want to use ProWiki in the future because it doesn't meet my needs - it is overly complex - it isn't open source - it doesn't have an active community of developers - and, perhaps most importantly, it doesn't have a leader for such a community.

I hope that the Global Villages server might host, free of charge, the archives for the Minciu Sodas websites. I think this would be fair given that setting up the Global Villages server split our resources and made it untenable for me to host my own server, where I have been hosting many websites free-of-charge for many years, including globalvillages.info

Otherwise, I will simply convert the ProWiki pages to HTML pages and have them hosted by whoever would be willing, perhaps Kiyavilo.

Franz, please let me know if you'd like to host such an archive and, if so, please give me some kind of access, preferably SSH.

Kiyavilo, I think that we could start by having me transfer includer.org to you. Please sign up for dotster.com and I will transfer it to you as the owner of the domain. The charge for the domain will, when it is due, be about $15 per year and you should be able to move it to another registry.


Franz: Andrius, you can call Ralf +43 2243 2646516 to discuss details of your SSH access. Do you think it is possible for you to extract the Global Villages Wiki from the rest ?

Andrius: Hi Franz, yes it is straightforward to send you the Global Villages wiki. I will try to do that today or soon.

Additionally, my own needs, thoughts are:

  • I'm pruning down my server contents so it just has what's meaningful to keep
  • I want to preserve the Worknets wiki and most of the websites in a read-only state, which could be either done as a ProWiki installation on your server using your existing ProWiki installation, or I can convert them simply to HTML pages, in which case they could be stored just about anywhere.
It would be good for me I think to store them on the Global Villages server. Also, we can work together to put adds on the tops of the pages to direct people to living websites as you choose (I think any ad revenue would be negligible, not worth it, better to advertise your own sites).

  • I will maintain a single site of my own, http://www.ms.lt, primarily in Lithuanian, but also in English, where I will work primarily on my own projects, by myself, for a couple of years.
  • I need a server to which I could point the other sites like worknets.org so they could be either shown directly or redirected to directories within www.ms.lt
Other people need:
  • Pamela might like to have use of a chat room, it might not be too difficult to set up the existing chat room on your server
  • Ed needs a place for EarthTreasury?.org, if he is to keep ProWiki, then he should use your server I think. He might be able to contribute some money for that.
Any thoughts on the above? Your answers will help me and Ralf understand what kind of access I need.


  • It would be good to convert what is not there to be alive to HTML (protect against spamers), and possibly archive it somewhere else. Reason: I am not sure how long we can and will maintain the server, and therefore dont want to commit to things I cannot keep. I would suggest to archive things that me want just to be reliably stored somewhere else and just keep a few living things on our server that we can really overlook (Plus a link page to find it all from www.ms.lt). So for Ed and Pamela we might have the solution, because these are low traffic and living activities.


  • Franz, thank you for explaining. I should call Ralf at some point, but meanwhile I'm still fixing up my computer and may not have Skype for a while. I will convert the wiki pages to HTML. I think that all I want then for myself is that we can use your server (or Kiyavilo's server, etc.) to redirect say worknets.org to my server if that's simplest. I will check, maybe I can find a domain host which can do the redirection inexpensively.